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What are all your 7 month olds doing? Lock Rss

Hi All,

Though it might be fun to have a little comparison or BRAG session if you like, keeping in mind that all babies progress differently so that no one gets stressed if things aren't quite the same.
My DD was born 26th August 05 so is about 7.5 mths old.

It is amazing to me how quickly they pick things up after 6mths its like a light switched on for her and things are very quickly absorbed.
She is now crawling properly (Which is very tiring for me!), she loves to laugh at everything and is blowing raspberries all the time. She can sit up by herself now and likes to try and get on her feet but she can't. It's cute watching her try though. She claps and and does like an indian making noise and instead of using her hand she uses a fist and punchs herself in the mouth. Not a very delicate girl i have. She is loving her solids but not her bottles a fact that i am starting to get used to after much stress.

Anyway am looking forward to reading any posts from mums of other 7 month olds
speak soon


My boy Thomas was born the same day as your little one!!! At 7pm exactly.

Thats great that she's crawling, Thomas is pulling up knees and rocking, attempting to move but falls down, gets quite cranky at himself which is sad to watch!!! He has been sitting for about 2 months and thats been great!!!
They are similiar in that Tom holds his wrist and does the indian thing with his clenched fist as well!!!! SO CUTE. He loves the bath and splashes EVERYWHERE. Has started to wave which is very beautiful to watch, its like he really means it sometimes. He only does it every now and again but we have a baby photo of my now 6 year old neice which he is obsessed with and constantly wavies to it, so cute.
Yes he loves his food, am trying to wean onto bottle with not much luck, so yeah thats a stress for me too!!!
He is very clingy and if i'm on the floor he tries to climb all over me!!!
Very smiley baby too, but on the other hand he also knows how to have a good whinge and cry!!! Typical male!!!!

Well its so good to hear that they're doing similiar things. Keep in touch and we can compare (in a good, non competitive way of course, not sure why parents do that. Studies show that their intelectuality now pretty much has nothing to do with how smart they'll be when they're older, I just love watching him grow and do his own thing!!!)
hello! well my son was born on 16 september, just went 7 months on sunday.
he is sitting, for 2 months now but for the last week he some how squirms over to the lounge or dining chair and pulls himself up, it is cute but scary. he is on 3 full meals a day plus plenty of finger food, even though no teeth yet he seems to be able to handle everything i give him which is usually a piece of fruit or sandwhich etc. he is saying babababa, dadaada, mamamaa, dumdum (which i think is meant to be dummy) also has been saying ta today well are it sounds like.
glad to hear all the other bubs are doing great and you are ll adoing such a great job.

My daughter was 7 months on the 7th and she can:

* say mum, dad and bub
* Sit by herself
* Roll around everywhere, howver doesn't have the slightest idea of even beginning to crawl
* claps
* can support her weight for short bursts whilst standing
*Wave at everthing that moves
* give a big slober of a kiss
* Has 3 teeth and one on the way
* last weigh in was 7.9kg

Sounds to me like she's on track with all the rest. makes me very happy and proud

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

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