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standing up!.!.. Lock Rss

my ds is nearly 10mths nearly 9mths he sat up.guess where?the bath of all he has decided to pull himself up to stand now and the 1st time he did it yes the bath.could he pick anywhere more difficult than the slipppery sudsy wouldnt be so bad if he didnt weigh 10.9kg and poor me has to grab hold of him so tight i swear i feel like im guna break his arm so scared he will slip and bang his head god he does that enuf in the cot already!.anyone elses bub done this or something similar??
Im hearin ya, My 8mth old has just started standing up, not in the bath yet but give her time. I sit there and watch her and she sooooooooo wants to stand in there, she gets up on her knees and then reaches to grab the side of the tub......grrrrrrrrr. The only thing I can suggest is getting one of those nonslip mats for the bottom of the tub, that way if he does stand up then he PROBABLY wont slip, but then this may only incourage him, but then again they will do it eventually.

Good luck

Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

DD tries to stand up in the tub but I wont let her. She is good now, in that as she tries to stand up - she looks at me, I go 'no' - so she sits back down - lol. I agree, its a very stressful place to decide to stand up. I have that blow up thingy for the tap, just in case she did fall (soften the blow). I also go those cheap grip mats from Big W so she wont actually slip. Its really hard to balance, wanting them to learn - but not wanting to see them hurt themselves. The times DD has had accidents (fallen) I have to say, she learns really quickly from it. If your bub happens to get past you and has a little tumble in the bath, I'm sure he will remember that its not such a good idea to stand up and that Mum is always right - lol !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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