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Potty Training Lock Rss

I've been doing some potty familiarisation for the last couple of months. I'm kind of keen to do a bit more than familiarisation and would love to hear what other mums are doing. Any hints, tips or good reading? I'd appreciate any-thing to help me get a plan together on how I'm going to tackle this next big step.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I am in the middle of tolet training now with my 28mth old he has been left to do it by himself but we started last week and we only had one accedent yesterday. but when he has a nappy on he will take it off to go. I go him to pick a spot for the pottie and put some books close by so he will sit for a little longer and it seems to be working.I have done this with all my kids and I find it afective so just take it one day at a time and let your child guide you and it will happen smoothly and remember whenthey have an accedent take them to sit on the pottie and your child will soon get it all by themselves. try also to let them run around in a top and a pair off pants so they dont have to take off too many cloths hope this helps

maria wa 2 boys 4 girls

i posted a similar thread in the toddler section more or less just askin when is a common age mums start to potty train even though ds is only 10mths i still wanted a rough idea when.i bascially got told it woz way too early to even b thinking bout it.i woz only interested to find out when guess i shouldnt have asked.
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