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teething? Lock Rss

what are the major signs of teething? kayla keeps shoving her hands in her mouth but sometimes she pushes it so hard in she cries and she has had red cheeks for about a week. are these signs?? shes only 3mths though.

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

I wish I knew.

I was first told in December that my daughter Kaylen was teething when she started drooling and getting red cheeks.

Then was told in February by someone else that the constant puffy eyes she got for about a week were a sign of teething.

Also in February my CHN said her gums felt like they were teeth about to sprout.

At the start of March when Kaelyn was bitting on my sister in laws finger she said she could feel the front 2 teeth on the bottom were about to come through.

Guess what, it is now April and I am still waiting for her first tooth.


3 weeks ago my 5 month old stop sleeping through,
drooled everywher,had the redest cheeks and shoved anything in her mouth,after 3 weeks of no teeth i thought it must be something else,so today we went to our app with the health nurse ,she took 1 look in Lillies mouth and gasped... not only is she about to get 2 teeth down the bottom all her top ones are waiting to come down as well
wait a few weeks and have a look right down the bottom of the gums

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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