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I was at swimming the other day with my just turned 8 month old daughter and the swimming instructor told me my baby was a "Mummy's Girl". True, she was crying because I had to get changed out of my bathers so an instructor was holding her for me and she cried when I left her.
Thus-making her a mummy's girl, I was a bit annoyed when she said this, my daughter has always been like this, but I thought it was seperation anxiety.
Anyone else encountered this?
Hey Sossle,

I dont blame you for being a lil annoyed, I would have been too. And you are right thinking that it is seperation anxiety. It happens to us all, they are too young to understand that just because they cant see you, doesnt mean that you have gone forever. We are only just starting to come out of this now, however some days are worse than others.
I wouldn't take any notice of the critics of the world.


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

When DD is a bit crabby before swimming lessons she can get like this, although its DH that takes her in. If she spots me on the side, she can some-times whinge for me - till distracted with a toy/ball. It takes her some time to warm upto people, but loves our instructor as she has taught her for 6 months now. I don't mind it if people say she is a mummies girl. I ususally make a smarty pants remark like 'Yeah, she has good taste' - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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