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I'm so excited! (caution contains bragging ) Lock Rss

Hi everyone, am so excited Max took his first steps yesterday at 9months and 1 week of age! and his daddy was home to witness it, which was great as often fathers can miss out on things like that. Can't beleive how fast he is growing, time really has flown since he started crawling! I am going to be kept busier and busier!
What ages have other peoples bubs taken their first steps?

mum to two gorgeous guys

Hi Nessie, thank you for the laugh! (caution contains bragging) He has walked early my two eldest walked at 11 & 12 months. I had a friend (Greek froma very big Greek family) who took his first steps at 9 motnhs as well, but unfortunetly he was in front of his aunties at the time and they all screamed with delight (I hope you can imagine this) he got so scared that he sat back down and never walked again until he was 13 months old!!!! Very very funny.
Naomi T
p.s Make sure you lock up the cleaning products!!!!
thats excellent news it's so good when our bubs do something new and you just have to brag and tell everyone.

my DD is 6.5 months old and has started pulling herself up on the furniture and sometimes moves along sideways now. she is just dying to walk i think she might start early aswell but will wait and see. she started crawling at 5 months 1 week so who knows.

good luck with keeping up with him now it's bad enough when they are crawling.

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very good name!!!!!
my bubs is only 5 months so im not at that milestone yet but just wanted to say bragg all you want and that its so fantastic that hubby was there to witness it
my hubby works heaps so i hope his there when lillie starts to crawl

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Vanessa

Congrats to Max!

Those first steps are SO exciting so brag away smile

I didn't find Ryan walking kept me busier at all tho. He got up to more mischief while crawling
cause he was closer to the ground wink

All the best

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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