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what is your 12 week old doing? Lock Rss

hi, im just curious to know what your 12 week old bubbas are doing now? the CHN said my bubba may be a little behind, but i dont think he is at all. thanks

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

all babies are different so i wouldnt listen to anything the chn says. as long as he's a happy healthy baby, what is the problem?
never really listen to what they say as they are all different and have their own oppinion.
my bub is 5 months old and is 14 pounds, one of her buddies is 5 days older and is 20 pounds
they are both happy and healthy bubs.Lillie can roll,and is trying to crawl,her buddie does not even roll yet and remember no-one ever says"Oh what an average baby you have" lol
at 12 weeks Lillie was laughing,smiling, and one day she just woke up and started chattering,it really is a beautiful stage enjoy and i promise you your bundle of joy is NOT slow

Lillie....1 year old!!!

My son Linsley was 12weeks yesterday (DOB 16-1-06) my CHN said he is right on with his milestones... He is laughing and smiling, in the last week started cooing, feeds well, wakes once a night sometimes sleeps through. At his check up yesterday the milestone the CHN was interested in was the hand to mouth coordination, he spends lots of time with fingers/hands/wrists in his mouth. I have a few friends with bubs a similar age & they all started doing thing at different stages but our CHN calls them all "average". Your bub sounds like he is doing everything mine is! I've never been told Linsley is slow! Just right on average with everything, which makes me a happy mum!
Can you see another CHN? If you cant maybe even your GP would be a better option? I've visited my GP a few times & he always does a check up on Linsley to make sure hes doing the right stuff.
As a childcare worker I can tell you there is a wide range of "normal" or "age appropriate" and it is really hard to say a child is behind at the age our babies are.
Enjoy your bub he sounds like an average little boy to me!
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