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hey everyone
i have been quite lucky as i have had a really happy, smily baby. But for the last two weeks or so all she does is whinge. Whinges when she plays with her toys, whinges when shes eating, whinges when you play with her. She just does this all day! Just wondering is this a phase they go through at this age? Just nothing i can do makes her happy at the moment. Has anyone else been through this or going through it?
Hi my son is 9 1/2 months old he does the same so i think its a phase they go through.
Thanks good to know im not the only 1!!
My 10 month DD does a similar thing, mainly if I leave the room. Sometimes she does it when I am sitting on the ground playing with her and she constantly wants to climb on me and whinge.

Hopefully it is just a phase!
Hi there, I know what you are going through. My DS is 9 months, and for most of the day he whinges ( except for when hes sleeping of course) I give him lots of things to play with and I play with him and he still whinges. I have tryed giving him more sleep times but its not that hes tierd either. I have tryed everthing to see whats making him whinge, but I have no idea. Its been going on for two months now and driving me nuts. He has just started to crawl, so may be now that hes getting mobile it may stop. Well I hope so. So you are not alone on this one.
My DS is 5 months + 1 week and over the past 2 weeks ive noticed he makes a noise that sounds like whinging.He also started babbling over those weeks too which is so cute but the whinging sound is kinda annoying.I would of thought he was too young to whine and its not grizzling because he is in a good mood and he makes a more of a cry sound when hes grizzling.It seems to me makes this noise when hes s bored or wants attention.He constantly wants to be entertained and is a very nosey baby.Hope hes just going thru that stage now and it doesnt get worse when he hits 9

well maybe it is a common thing at this age coz all the bubs seem to be around the same age. maybe they're frustrated coz they just want to get up and walk or crawl - but cant yet!
Hopefully it does stop soon coz its driving me crazy.
My eight month old has just started this and I can't stand it. Thought it might be because I may have spoilt him. Glad to hear it is normal.

I went through a rough couple of weeks with my 8 month old. I couldn't do a thing without her whinging and it was very frustrating, she was just not happy. Turns out she was just teething. Thankfully she is now back to her happy self...until the next tooth/teeth come through!!!
My 9 1/2 month old started doing this too! But I’m pretty sure it’s due to teething!! She just constantly whinges for comfort
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