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No interest in standing Lock Rss

My son is 10 months old and he has no interest in standing. His brother, who will be turning 2 in a few weeks, was cruising at this age.

I was wondering if there is anything that I can do to encourage him to stand or do I have to play the waiting game smile Any suggestions would be appreciated.
my daughter is the same. most suggestions i've gotten is to just wait.. she only started to crawl properly at 9 months so i'm hoping she'll stand soon. she pulls herself up to her knees but her feet still curl and won't stay flat to hold her up. i guess we are both in the same position.

best of luck.
HI debbs,

My son is now 11 months old and he too has no interest in standing. We stand him up supporting him, but we reckon he will go straight to walking.

Try standing up exercises for a minute or two a few times a day. He will eventually get the hang of it. Some babies I reckon are slower than others. I have a friend whose son is seven weeks younger than mine and he is crawling and standing up.

Good luck
My one year old daughter was just so curious that she would get frustrated that she could shtand up but not walk anywhere so I would put a finger in each of her hands and walk her around. It was very slow at first but she really enjoyed it and soon had her older brother and sister walk her around by holding on to there fingers. And I'm happy to say that just before her 1st birthday she started to walk. I hope this suggestion helps. Good Luck.
My 10 month old daughter started crawling at 6 months and then straight away started cruising around on the furniture. she now is starting to walk as she takes 10 steps. I found having her around other babies her own age that could do things she couldn't made her want to do it quicker. Also hold his favourite toy a bit of a distance away but not too far and it may incourage him to move to get it. Good Luck! grin

Jacqui, SA, 10 1/2 mth girl

My little man was not interested in standing, crawling of any sort until he too was 10 months old. He started crawling and within 2 weeks was standing, trying to walk around the furniture. I think the thing to do is just wait! He was the opposite to our little girl who crawled at 5 months so we had to learn to have patience!!
Good Luck. He'll be around very soon. grin

sa, girl 3 & boy 1

Have you tried him in a 'Jolly Jumper'. These exercisers are not only great to keep them entertained, they are great to strengthen the leg muscles. My 19 week old little girl has just started using one, and thinks it great.

Mel, mum of Joshua 8, Maddison 5, Hailey 5 mths

My son wasn't interested in standing until he was 11 months but started walking 2 weeks after that. I wasn't in a hurry for him to stand and walk, I figured he's got his whole life to walk around and that he should spend as much time as he wanted crawling.
Someone posted a suggestion to use a Jolly Jumper. While kids love them, I've been told to leave babies in them for only a short time, say 10 minutes, because they teach them to jump rather than stand and walk.

Mum of 1, NSW

Finally he has started to pull himself up onto things. This one is a very sneaky child, he likes to do things when you aren't looking, like get up steps and pull up to standing, you just turn around and there he is smile

Hopefully within the next month or two he will start to cruise and then walk by himself. But only time will tell.

Thanks for all your suggestions smile
I wouldn't worry to much just yet about your 10mth old son not interested in standing. All childrens motor skills learn at different levels. His older brother just happen to be a lot more motivated in that area when he was that age. Yes i guess you do have to play the waiting game. Some children stand quicker than others thats all. He will get to his feet when he is good and ready. Be patient... but if it does concern you that much. Seek proffessonal help. But not to worry just yet mum...


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