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When does the average baby start speaking? Lock Rss

Hi, I was just wondering when should babies start at least saying mamma or dadda, or bubba?......My six month old still really only chatters by making sounds, he doesnt put vowels etc together yet and a friend of mine, her son who is 8 months old says mamma and dadda and has for quite sometime. I'm not really worried, I suppose I'm just looking forward to that part of developing....
Hi Mel, I'm really not sure if there's any such baby that's average!!! In that every baby is individual and will begin talking at his/her own pace. With both my little girls (Rebekah is 2 yrs and Rachel 4 months), I have always talked to them at every nappy change, play time and just before sleep time, about anything. I didn't use baby talk, and when I finished talking, I'd see them "talk" by moving their mouth then respond by saying things like "You don't say!!" and "Oh, really???". They love it. Yes, that part of developing is really exciting (until they turn 2 and you can never stop them talking!!!), but beware...they generally say "dadda" before "mamma" (only because "d" is easier to say than "m"). Enjoy every moment.

Angela, NSW

My Daughter is 15 months and she still doesnt say much, just babbles alot, she says dad and mum but not very often. but she understands alot and follows instructions well. dont be too worried your son will talk when hes ready then you wont be able to stop him.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

It's a hard one to answer - It's one I've been asking a lot as well. It all depends on what you consider 'speaking' to be. For me, it is speaking when bub uses a word within a context and has associated a meaning with that word. My 13 month old says mum, dad, baby, puppy, where is it? when she drops something etc so I think I can safely say she is speaking!
My 3 month old son is beginning to show signs of learning to talk. Aidan tries to "talk" back by sticking his tongue out and mouthing. He has also started cooing and making "speaking" noises. I've spoken to him normally since he was born, as I don't believe in "baby talk". I talk to him all the time, and even though he is only 3 months it's great to see he's developing these skills necessary.
I read to him as well, as quite often babies will watch you as you say the words, and look at how we mouth the words, and they also get to know that you can raise & lower your voice, & make different sounds, like putting on different voices for different characters.
All babies are different, and I can't wait to hear Aidan's first word! I'm starting to think that he'll be one of those kids that once they start talking, they don't stop!! But for now, Aidan's getting plenty of practice!!! Good luck, and take care.

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

I really wouldn't worry about it, your baby will develop in its own time however I have found that imitation has worked for my daughter. Jessika is five months old and she says bubba. Dan and I started saying it to her a month ago and she now copies us. Try facial expressions and words over and over again and your baby will imitate you, it is a form of learning - but don't swear - TROUBLE!!!

Baby: Jessika

My baby said Mama before dada, only because she doesn't have a dad and i was scared she'd say it, which she does, but because i was afraid dada would be her first word, i would sit there for ages saying "Mama, Mama, Mama" until she finally said it, then told her how beautiful she was and her speech is so good now. I don't any other 10 month that points to a door and says "Door" or who starts clapping their hands while saying "Good" so i think that reading to them and talking to them always is a step in the right direction. Her favourite word at the moment is tickle, which she says while poking me, and i think she's trying to tickle like people do to her.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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