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when do they start crawling Lock Rss

My baby girl is now nearly 8 1/2 months and she is a very placid and happy baby. She has been quite content to lie on the floor with her toys on her back up to now but now just starting to get really fustrated. She has learnt to roll from her front to her back but not from her back to front. I am getting worried as I would have thought by this age she would have mastered this skill. She hasn't liked being on her stomach but recently has tried to lift her knees up slightly. I am assuming this will eventually lead into beginning to crawl. Is it normal at this late age to still not be rolling over properly and not crawling?? I am a new member and would love to hear from other mums and get their advice in this area.

Terri, NSW, 8 mth baby

Hello Hollysmum, All babies are different and will develop at different ages. I have 3 friends who's baby was not crawling until after 10 months of age. I took my baby to Gymboree(not sure if you have that in NSW its like a play place for children) which was run by a Paediatric Physio. She said the normal age for crawling is around 9 months, but this is only a rough gauge. Some babies do not crawl and either get around on their bottoms or go straight to walking. One way is placing a toy to the side of your babys head when they are attempting to roll from back to stomach. Another thing to try to get your baby moving is to place them on their stomach and put things in front of them they like so they have to reach for. You can also get from Kmart or BigW a blow up tube from the kids toys section for between $10 & $14. It has balls in the tube and one of them plays nursery tunes. You place the baby on its stomach and roll them over the tube back and forth to strengthen their muscles. You could probably do the same thing with a large beach ball or even an exercise ball. You could also try placing your baby on its stomach near a mirror as they just love to look at them self. Try not to stress I can relate to what you are saying and I know its hard when your child is the "last" to be doing things. My Son has just turned one and only got his top 2 teeth a few months ago. Most of his mates have 6- 7 teeth but he has 5 having just cut one on his birthday. I hope this is of some help.......
All babies will develop differently but how many times have we heard that and still continue to worry. I also have a placid baby girl who is now 10 and a half months old and not crawling. She will not go on her tummy, mastered rolling at five months and then stopped at six? She's been sitting up since seven months and just is not interesed in crawling. In the last month she has started to move by bumping her bottom across the floor, and she walks with help, so I think she is going to skip crawling, which the doctor tells me that walking is harder than crawling development wise and therefore we both just have very intelligent babies.


Thanks Linda and yes you are right as we always compare our babies with others and want them to be developing better than anyone elses!!! It is also encouraging to hear advice and read what other babies are up to at the different stages and you are correct by saying we have intelligent babies.....taking after the parents!!!! Hope to talk soon and offer advice in reverse and to others that are reading.

Terri, NSW, 8 mth baby

Dear hollysmum both my children started crawling at different ages. My eldest (now nearly 5) did not crawl until 10 months and then only crawled to my legs and climbed up. Whereas my 9 mth old started crawling about two weeks ago and is very happy to explore different rooms by herself. Very different children. If your child is happy and contented that is the main thing everything else will come when the child is ready.

Anne-Marie, WA, 5yr old, 9 mth baby

I agree, all children are different but it is hard not to compare. My son is 10.5 months and is also not interested in crawling. I am starting to get a little worried as he stopped rolling and really only sits there. However, he does reach for things whilst sitting, not sure if that means he will start crawling. When on his tummy he will spin around in circles, very funny to watch. But if he can't reach something he will just get frustrated and give up. I go to Gymbaroo, but am taking to the Dr to get a check up. Being a first time Mum I am starting to freak out a little.

Jane, WA, 10mth baby boy

I am so excited to read about other babies around the same age as my almost 10mth old son Christian, that don't crawl yet! I have started to get a little worried about him as he doesn't like being on his tummy and prefers to just sit and play with his toys. I thought it was my fault as when he was able to sit i sat him! But after reading all these mums concerned i feel a wee sigh of relief. My eldest son crawled at almost 9mths and my middle boy crawled before 6mths... and yes i know, we musnt compare! Christian will move around in circles when in a sitting position so i am wondering if he will be a 'bum shuffler'??

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

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