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1st Birthday Party Lock Rss

What's everyone doing for their babies 1st Birthday party. This is a very exciting time and I bet most Mums and Dads can't wait.

Our baby Andrew turns 1 on 12th January and we will be having Family and Friends over for a spit lunch, with lots of food and drink. If we get it done in time we will unveil a cubby for Andrew as his 1st Birthday Present, he may even get to cut a ribbon, lol.

What's everyone else doing??????


Mandy & Andrew - 12-01-05
Hi Mandy,
We just celebrated our daughters first b'day on Sat and it was great!!!!! We had about 65 people turn up (all family and friends) and we had a lunch. Maneesha slept while everyone was having lunch and she was soooo good during the cake cutting that everything went great!!!!!!! It was a very exciting day for us!!!!!!

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

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