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Crawling into WINDOW?!?! Lock Rss

hey guys,
My 9month old, started crawling a week and a half ago. Now that he can get around he keeps going to the window - no matter what window it is. Sits there for a while then tries to climb through it and constantly headbutts it! At first it was funny, because it was cute, but now i dont want him to hurt him self! i dont know how to keep him away from the window - any suggestions?
Is any one else having this problem, or had a similar problem?
Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

none of mine have done that lol maybe ur bub can see the trees moving out side or something, or wants to crawl around on the grass.
my little boy used to play this game at about that age and hed headbutt his cot and laugh histerically at me i just ignored it he stopped it after a few weeks.
maybe you could stick something in front of the window??????
playpen, heavy curtains so bub cant see out ???

Rochelle, mother of 2

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