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Hitting Mummy Lock Rss

hi well my 10mth old has just started over the last 2 days to smack me in the face when i am holding her she dosent do it all the time she has also started to throw herself on the floor when she is told not to touch something.She has never done this before i think she may of picked it up from her little cousin cause he is a great one for chucking a tantram.Tonight i picked her up and wack right in the face i told her no and then she done it again so she got a smack on the hand and then i put her down to cry and then abit later i picked her up again and wack again in the face i think it might be just a thing she is going through and she picks things up so quick from her cousin does anyone have any tips of what i can do to make her stop? or will she soon get the message after a smack on the hand? does anyone elses 10 mth old do this?
Hi Nat

My nearly 9 month old son is doing the same things, however he hasn't really been around any older children so I assume he's doing it of his own accord. I've smacked him a couple of times but he just laughs!!! I've put another post up about the tantrum throwing but haven't had any response yet. He throws himself back all the time - especially during nappy changes. The last couple of days when changing his nappy I've just put my hand on him told hold him still and firmly said no. It takes a few goes at every change but he seems to finally be getting the message, he's not squirming about as much. I don't know what else to do. If you find anything else out I'd love to hear it. I guess it's all just part of their development - it seems now the fun really begins - lol!!!

I know that it is really hard and I am not pushing my opion onto you but I still will say this in the hope it will help.
I truely don't believe in smacking children, if you look at the message that you are sending you might see why, your baby hits you and you say "no" but smack her back, all she sees is just because you are bigger that it is ok for you to do it.
As a chldcare worker we are unable to smack children but often have children hit or kick or bite etc us, in not smacking the child we have to come up with different methods to deal with the behaviour. I suggest every time she does it say "no that hurts mummy" then walk away from her, she will soon get the message that attention is withheld when she hurts you and in return your not hurting her back.
Hope this helps if you want to talk more about this my email is: [email protected]


Hi there mummies

I posted " Is this also part of their development" a week or two ago which was a similar sort of topic to yours. My 8.5mth old is not so much smacking but he tries with his hand to rip my mouth off or my nose, i think he thinks they must be toys. I have pulled his hand away and said No. and he just smiles but after consistently saying no this past week, he now will winge when i say No and pull his hand away which tells me he is kind of getting the message. I hope! Also i hold his hand and let him pat me and i smile and I say "Nice mummy, yes thats nice, see??" and he pats me on his own although he does do this grunting noise.

Will let you know if I find out anything else:)

Also, there are no cousins around here either so its something that he is doing on his own.

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

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