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I have just come home from our doctors as we had our 4month old immunizations today and although our daughter was 10 pound 8 ounces (nearly 5 kilos) and 57cm long born she know weighs 7 1/2 kilos and has grown 9cm now 66cm. The doctor proceeded to tell me she is at the high end of the scale for her age. She does not look chubby and I was wondering on any other comments from any other mums


Hi Mazjones.

My son weighed 6 pound 8 oz at birth and 50cms long and at 4 months old he weighed 7.2 kgs and 67cms long.

I have always been told he is at the high end of the scale for his age but because he has always been a very long baby he doesn't look chubby either.

He is now almost 8 months old( on the 15th of this month) and weighs 9.5 kgs and is 76.5cms long. And he is a very healthy baby he loves his food but doesn't look chubby at all he looks in proportion.

Your doing a great job so don't stress.


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Thank you I feel better already and I won't stress
Have a great day


Yes my little one was also at the top end of the scale, but my clinic nurse said not to worry.

He was weighed 2 weeks ago (age 11.5months) and weighed 12kg. So even thou he weighs alot he doesn't look big.....

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I wouldnt worry about the doctors comments.
My doctor told me his really worried about my sons weight and told me he was going to report me to childrens a joke!!
My son has been off the scale since he was a couple of weeks old, his just over 5 months old and weighs over its very amusing for my friends to all tell me how malnourished he is...hehe.
As long as your bubby is happy thats all that matters and a 2.5kg gain in 4 months doesnt strike me as being too excessive wink

My bubs also weighed 7 1/2 kilos at 4 months and was 55 cm long and I was told that everything was fine.
When she was born she was 3 1/2 kilos and 47.5cm long.
In weight she is above average and in length she is below average.

I have been told that her weight was nothing to worry about and that a lot of people who are tall have long babies and a lot of short people have short babies.

Sounds like you and bubs are doing well!

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Hi! you've got nothing to worry about! When My daughter was born she weighed 2.5kg and now at 4months she is nearly 7kgs! remember they all grow at different rates so just enjoy, you know, they will weigh 50kgs before we know it!!!!!!!!!!!!
take care

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My baby is at the other end of the spectrum. I haven't had him weighed for a few weeks - but at the last 'weigh in' he was only 7.2 kg dressed and he'll be 9 months old next Tuesday. I used to worry so much about how small he was, but he is so happy and his reaching all his developmental milestones - he has 9 teeth, he's been crawling and pulling himself up on everything for nearly 2 months, he's been sleeping through the night since 9 weeks old. I've just learnt to enjoy our time together - they grow up so fast. People can be so insensitive with comments about size - whether too big or too small!!! As someone recently said to me "They all walk through the same school gate when they are 5 years old!"

Hi Ladies,

I close friend of mine has two girls who were both always off the chart in the screening books. Her 9mth is 11kg and her 2 and 8 mth old is 18kg. neither are fat or chubby, just big girls. try not to worry, especially if your daughter has the right diet, and at 4 mths i am sure she has.

take care,

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