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whats everyones elses 10mth old up to? Lock Rss

hi well i am just interested in what everyone elses 10mth old is up to at the moment well my daughter is climbing up on anything and everything and holds on and walks along sometimes she will let go for a second and then fall. she only got her 1st tooth when she was 9mths old she now has 4 and 4 more coming at the moment she talks alot some of the words she says are dad dad,mum mum,bub bub,hello,hey,nan nan,ohhhh,noooo she babbles on to herself all day if she s happy. she has also just learnt to stand in the cot and rock it she fightens me every time she does it.
Hi, my son is 11.5months old and was doing all those things also.

He is crawling now & into everything, trying to climb/crawl up the stairs. Pulls himself up on everything and anyone. Stands up in the cot when it is time to get up. Sits there and babbles to himself, plays with anything that he can get his hands onto. It is a great time as you can see they want to explore/touch/taste everything...

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi there!

My 10month old is doing all those things except the crawling etc. Currently, he's quite happy to just sit there and take in the world. He has eight teeth and appears to be cutting the 'eye' teeth at the moment. His speech is just like your little one and he's also now turning to things when I ask him. For e.g. when I say "Where's the ball" he scans the room and then looks to where it is. He's really good at doing the whole bye-bye, hello thing, but what's really impressing us is when he's asked to clap, he does it straight away. It's amazing the things they are now starting to do.

P.S. Is your daughter very clingy at the moment. My boy cracks up the minute I leave his side - esp. bed time!!!!!

HF, NT, 10mth baby

hi thomas well yeah my daughter is going through a very clingy stage it must be this age or something sometimes i cant walk 2 steps away without her crying she follows me everywhere i go i walk to the bedroom and turn around and she is right behind me. but she will still stay with other people like her nannies dad etc. hows your little one go when you leave him with someone else?
i think this age is just so cute she understands everything i say to her and she gets abit cheeky sometimes though. where do you live?
Hi Nat,
My son is now 10 1/2 months old. He has 4 teeth, with another one almost through. Like your daughter, he walks holding on, but will sometimes let go and take 2-3 steps on his own before falling down. His latest trick is to pull his toy drum over to the coffee table, and stand up on it using it to climb up onto other things. He is also full of talking, saying things like dad dad dad, mum mum mum, nan nan, and I think he is trying to say his brothers name to. It is Aiden, and he comes out with something that sounds like den den.

He also loves making new sounds, his latest being like an indian. Making a noise and patting his hand over his mouth at the same time. It is so cute to see. He loves playing knock knock too, where he goes around the house to every door knocking, then waiting for the door to open!


Mother of 3, Qld

hi tracy well my daughter is also doing the indian thing first she started doing it by me tapping my hand on her mouth and then she she started doing it by herself it is just so cute.
Hi girls!
My 11 month old is doing pretty much the same stuff. However, I love the latest development. I often sit my daughter facing me on my lap and bounce her up and down like a 'horse ride'. I sing a galloping tune while I do this. Now she will look at me from the floor and bounce up and down while sitting and make a funny 'bloom bloom' sound like she is singing the galloping tune, and then she will clap foir herself!
It is very adorable!
Hi kj,
My son also loves that game. He loves to dance aswell, and if an ad comes on tv, or if we have the radio on, he will bop up and down in time with the music. His Aunty was telling him to dance the other day and he was looking at her with a weird expression! There was no we turned the radio on, and bounce away he went. It was so cute. He has got such good the moment.

Mother of 3, Qld

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