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when your baby say mummy or daddy.. Lock Rss

what age does baby talk...

[email protected] plainland qld

I often wonder the same thing, Johanne. I know a little boy who has been saying half a dozen or so words since he was ten months. My boy is 15 months and just says dadda, bubba and maybe once a month, mumma. I the past week he is trying to say Jessie (at least I think that is what he is saying). He is also starting to get jibberish. I was worrying about it too but I see so many kids who don't talk properly until well into their twos. As long as they understand you if you tell them something like "get the ball for mummy" by about 18 months or so (according to the blue book) then they know what's going on. They'll talk eventually and then we won't be able to shut the buggers up!
See ya,
Hi Dee,
I have a little boy named Joshua who is 7 months old. He is saying mumma and has been for a few weeks now.
I guess its nice to sit back and wait to hear what comes out next. I was shocked and amused he said mumma first but it's not so cute at 2am!
Anyway you know who I am and hope to catch up soon.
Love and kisses to Daniel.

Jungle baby

Hi little Daniel Say mummy to my boy all the time so I hope its works for me but he will say daddy first ......

[email protected] plainland qld

My son just turned 9 months and is saying 'Dadda'. Apparently regardless of how much more time a mother spends with the baby, babies are more likely to say Dadda over Mamma because it is easier to say.

Yes, dadda is easier to say as its more of a toungue movement, akin to eating, than a mouth movement.
Ella is 7 monyths old and said dadda at 6months and mumma now at 7 months.
My ds conor who is 3 now, said dadda and doggy at 6 months. But now at 3 years doesnt stop talking, and yeo there are times I wish I didnt hear MUMMMMMY quite so much! lol

mummy to conor-monster & ella-monkey

My son is nearly 7 months and sometimes i hear the da,da, I can't wait till he actually says it! cause he says it kind of when he is rambling on, and its not clear yet.

7 months

My little girl said mamma first quite clearly and around the six month mark (maybe a little after, but before seven months) but my boy whos is now six months says da da and has absolutely no intention of saying ma ma. I guess I know who to favour.........!

Helen, ACT

my little boy at 7 1/2 mouths say mum mum mum i cry whenhe say it all the time ... Ethan jo

[email protected] plainland qld

my little girl is 7mth on friday, & just yesterday said dada for the first time.
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