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Hello, my son was doing exactly the same thing at 12 months. I spoke to my paed who advised me no in uncertain terms I was not paying enough attention to him (i felt terrible) so sure enough when he was going to go for the wall I would distract him with something and interact more often with him and he stopped doing it in 3 days and hasnt done it since. I thought he was happy playing with his toys whilst I watched telly but obviously that wasnt the case. It may be different for you but perhaps when you see him/her going for the headbutt try distracting him/her with a toy or noise or song and it should work.
Hi ladies,
I have a 10 and a half month old GIRL and she does the exact same thing. Really distressing to watch. Headbutts the floor when upset/angry, in the highchair (Slams the back of her head), headbutts me when she doesn't get her own way. I'm really relieved it's not only me dealing with this.
I'm constantly interacting with her, she will do it for fun sometimes when playing with her. I'm really hoping this is just a phase.
It's multiple headbutts at a time too! It must hurt!!
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