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My DS2 is turning 1yr old this thursday and over the last 2 mths he has started headbutting. At first it was when he was really tired but now he headbutts all the time. He even crawls straight into the wall on purpose or when sitting in his high chair he wacks his head backwards hitting the back of the chair. He crys but will do it again. Has anyone else experienced this or got any ideas on how to stop it? HELP!!!!

Daniy, VIC

my ds is doin excatley the same thing at the moment, and im also at a lost of how to stop this but its good to see that someone else is also going through this stage, and my ds is also turning 1 in 2 weeks maybe they just like headbutting things even though it hurts. does he also headbut u ?
Glad to see I'm not alone. Yes he does headbutt me and it bloody hurts! I tell him off but he continues to do it. When in his pram he headbutts the side of it too. I hope it is just a phase, because I have no idea how to stop it. Some days he has a big red mark on his forehead from it.

Daniy, VIC

Hi! I've got a headbutting child as well! My son's 13mths and has been doing it for a couple of months now. He usually does it when he doesn't get his own way or is really frustated at something. He's been known to headbutt the cement downstairs ouch! I too am hoping its just a phase.
me to my son is 13 months aswell and he really gos to town with it its so scary but i guess all u can do is make a note of it to bring up at the 21st also have u noticed all the ladies are saying there sons are doing this i wonder if girls do it to?


Hey yeah! I didn't even think of that! Must be a boy thing lol!
My eldest was exactly the same, head butting everything. I was concerned, but then soon discovered that there are MANY youngens that do it, it is very common, and is just a stage.

My dd is now nearly 2, and she has started it again, BUT she does it till it hurts her, and then looks for sympathy.... (which she doesnt get!)

If you are concerned, maybe you could try and work out what he does JUST BEFORE it happens, and if it is frustration, or attention, then work on that (somehow!) KWIM?

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Just wanted to let you know that this is not just a boy 9 month old daughter seems to think it is alot of fun to head butt anything in her path. I thought she was odd, so am very glad to hear I am not alone in my plight.
My little brother did it when he was that age aswell headbutting everything. I remember my mum used to hate it. Don't worry he'll grow out of it. I think they just want to see how hard there heads are.
Thanks for your replys, it's nice to know there are other bubs doing this too. I went to MHN yesterday and she said the headbutting is attention seeking behaviour and linked to being frustrated. Everytime he starts to headbutt (especially our concrete floor!) I have to pick him up, say "NO Jackson" avoid eye contact and take him to an area where it is safer to headbutt (for us thats the lounge where there is a very thick rug on the floor, hopefully it softens the blow abit!) Have just started to do it, but moving him into other room seems to iritate him even more. What's your opinion on MHN advice?

Daniy, VIC

Hi all,
When my son was 4 months old his dad and I seperated.We lost contact with his family and it wasnt until my son was nearly a year old again that everything started to settle down. After not having seen my nephew for months I was shocked to see him head but everything and anything when he was angry, tired or frustrated. Hi parents, like you were freaking out and had no idea about what to do.
When my son watched and eventually started to copy this behaviour I ignored him. When he realised he wasnt going to get any attention he stopped doing it really quickly.

Being a teacher, I agree with what youve been told. I think its definately an attention seeking behaviour. One of our mottos at school is 'behaviour attended to accelerates' meaning the more attention you give it, the more it will occur.

This may not work with everyone, but I strongly encourage you to ignore the behaviour. If you're concerned about the concrete etc, you could silently pick the child up, move them then walk away.

My nephew still headbuts because he continues to get attention for doesnt seem to matter to him that the attention comes in the way of yelling, talking to him or cuddling him, he gets it. My little one hasnt done it for months.

Fingers crossed for you all.
Hi everyone,
I followed advice from MHN for awhile and headbutting slowed right down. However, in the past 2 weeks DS has started walking everywhere and the headbutting is only occasional now! I think it must have just been a phase where he was frustrated. Hope all other headbutters out there finally get over it too! Goodluck and thanks for all of your replys.

Daniy, VIC

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