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My son has his first tooth and another on the way (Lleyton 8 months) and has just starting to bite while feeding, I have never breast feed before as very unsuccessful with first Maddison now 3 1/2 but would like to continue, but I'm starting to get nervous every time I breast feed, it hurts, I say no to him and he just smiles and laughs.
Any suggestions? HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Belinda

I'm breastfeeding my 8 month old son - he has 8 teeth, the first came through at 4 1/2 months. Each time new teeth have come through feeding has hurt a bit, but I'm lucky he has never bitten me. I've read that if they ever do bite while feeding to try and stay calm (how hard would that be!!!) and take them off and try and reattach, if they bite again take them off and don't breastfeed again for an hour or so. I don't know if it works, I think it was suggested in one of those parenting mags. I hope this helps.

All the best

This is a late reply, but when my first baby got teeth she bit me (which really hurt), when I said ow! and stopped her she laughed - when I reattached her she bit again and laughed. I stopped, lay her on the floor without saying anything and walked to the kitchen to get a drink a water and calm down (I could still see her and she was safe). I think she got such a shock that I left her and she never did it again.
Hi, i'm lucky my little man has no teeth yet but I've been told to push their face into your breast to make them release rather than pull them off. I'd suggest you contact the Breastfeeding association, they often have forums on their website and are great for any breastfeeding advice.
Hi there how are you.
I breast fed my first child for 1 year and was lucky enough to have only a few bites now and then and oh did it hurt.
When i used to fed her i would constantly watch her and when she looked as if she was going to bite i would pull her off i found that worked well.
I have i boy who is 4 months old at the moment and he bites down often when he has had enough i not looking forward to him having teeth heheheh


My just-turned four month old does the same thing. With my breastfed babies, I would take my middle and index fingers and VERY GENTLY tap them on the cheek -Not Smack!! Just tap lightly a couple of times and say no firmly. They were distracted enough to stop biting down and then they usually continue feeding or detach if they were doing it when they were full. Just like with older babies and toddlers, sometimes all it takes is a diversion!

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