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travelling abroad with 8.5 month old - any tips--anyone used polarmine/phenergan? Lock Rss

Hi--I'm travelling to Canada in June with a 8.5 month old. The flight is scaring the heck out of me. I've been told to use some phenergan or polaramine if needed, but to try it at home first. Have any of you used these? any tips for the flight?? Cheers, Liska
Hi, Wow, you're lucky going to Canada!
Anyway, I've used phenergan, it's really good, it's actually for allergies, but it really helps to get baby to sleep.
It says on the jar not to be used for babies under 1 year, but I gave it to Montana when she was about 1 month old, she was really sick, and it was brilliant in helping her to sleep. The warning for under 1 year olds is just so that nobody can sue (spelling?) them.
And I only gave her like a quarter of the recommended dose for 1 year olds. Was hardly any, like 2 mls or something.

I've also heard that you should feed your baby a bottle or whatever, as the plane takes off or lands, because swallowing will help him or her with that ear popping feeling.

So, I hope your trip is fantastic! All the best!


Robyn, mum to Montana,18-10-03 + Diesel,26-3-06

Hi, I flew with my 6 month baby to Cairns which was only 3 hours. As soon as I got on the plane everyone looked at me and gave me the look saying "oh my god a baby!!!!".... I fed him a bottle before take off and once we were on the plane - he slept all the way there... and all of the people that gave me a look wanting to come up and say "oh look he is so cute"...... But on the return back .. he was awake and playing around. I think if you have a bottle ready or his/her food that should do the trick - but i think the motion of the flight makes them go to sleep.
Good luck!!!!

Erika, NSW

Hi, We travelled to Canada in December with our 4 1/2 month old. I was worried at first, but more so out of concern for the other passengers on the plane - because it is such a long flight!! A few suggestions: give a bottle/dummy or something to suck on take off and landing (we found more trouble with the descent); Toys to keep your little one entertained. The flight attendants were so helpful with us - they can warm up food, and they just pay so much attention to you! We had a bassinette on the bulkhead on the way over, but just nursed her on our laps on the way home (we didn't get bulkhead seats). We didn't use any medication for the flight and found our little one slept very well. We also didn't get too worried about her feeding patterns due to the time zone change, but she slipped right back into her routine once we arrived in Canada and back in Australia. Enjoy your trip!

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

My husband and I flew to visit family in Tahiti when my eldest daughter was 2months old. The flight time was 3hours from Bris to Auckland then another 5 hours to Tahiti. We found that feeding when you take off and land, or using a dummy, helps as it releases the pressure in the baby's ears, similar to when you chew gum or yawn. We never had any problem on the way over and people commented on how good she was. The trip back was in a much smaller plane and was a very rough rid but she managed to cope really well. We have also done the same with our second child when we flew to Rockhampton. If you get on the plane when they call for parents with children, you can feed baby while everyone else is getting on the plane. Then the chances are pretty good that baby will sleep on the way up and you can do the same thing before you get ready to land.

Happy flying.

Marcelle Kleinmeulman

hi liska,
i've not been travelling with children yet so i have no advice on that but my 3 year old son takes phenergan for his allergies it is good however please get advice from a doctor first as the box clearly states

"this product should not be used in children under 2 years of age, becuase the safety of such use has not been established."

& further more the dosage for sedative use is up to 3 times more than use for allergies & to add to this i also have a friend who gave her duaghter 2.5ml in a bottle at 15mths & she ended up vomiting.

sorry to put a damper on it but i would hate to see something go wrong for you.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

hi liska,

I have a seven month old son I read that cuddletwins mentioned that phenergan is not suitable for under two year old which true. But only about a fortnight ago my doctor recommended giving it to son to help him sleep while he was unwell he only had 3ml and that was just for a few nights and helped great. I would suggest asking your family doctor first because every child is different.

kellie, NSW, baby aden

We travel a lot with our children. Bulkhead seats with the bassinette in front can be good and there's more leg room but you're usually really close to the movie screen. Airlines will try and give a spare seat for baby if you don't have a bassinette, but it depends on the flight bookings.
Breastfeeding is best for travel, so don't wean! No worries about safe water, different formulas or warming bottles.
Airlines usually have baby packs, but I always take the food, nappies and toys that our little ones know and like. Much safer than relying on others.
Phenergan can be a problem if baby has an adverse reaction - it hypes up some babies/children rather than sedating them. Being cuddled and fed is often enough to get little ones to sleep. Ask for a belt for your baby if you want to feed on takeoff and landing - it's safer and clips to your belt. If baby takes a dummy this can help too. I always take a lambskin for a safe, comfy place for baby to sleep or play. I have taken ours all round the world and it has lasted well. The breastfeeding association sell them via mail order from their website, I think they are called Australian Breastfeeding Association now, so search on that name.
If you can afford to join the airline club it's worth it, especially for stopovers. There are quiet rooms with free food, drinks, clean toilets, comfortable lounges and usually helpful staff. So much better than trying to juggle babies and noisy, dirty waiting areas.
have a great time!

AJs mum

HI There,
I have used Phernergan on both my boys with no problems at all. I am travelling to Brisbane in May with the both of them, but seeing that it is only a 3.5 hr flight I don't want to use anything. My pharmacist has recommended a product called "Rescue Remedy" which you just spray in the mouth and it helps relax them. The good thing too is that it is safe for adults and children alike. I hope that this is available in Australia.

Karan, Queenstown, NZ, 2 Boys

Yes rescue remendy is available in Australia my sister used it in Labour you get it from the health food shop, just ask the shop assistant. I also use it on my dog and my sister uses it on her horses, so its safe for the whole family. Also a product called "calm" by Braur is great for making them sleepy.


Hi liska! Before I had my daughter I worked as a pharmacy assist.
My advise is you should absolutly ask your doctor,they are both very strong medicines and not suitable for everyone,
I hope you have a great trip!

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

Wow, we are also travelling to Canada in June
Isabelle will be 11mth & walking!

We have flown interstate several times & the 4-5 hr flights are not a problem with sleeping. I am dreading the 13 hr flight SYD-LA.

Does anyone have some entertainment ideas?
Would like toys to be minimal distractions to others, as I'd hate to be the one sitting next to us!


Jo WA, 9mth girl

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