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Hi, I am a new member. I am 26 with a daughter, Lauren, who will be one in 3 weeks. Wow, how time flies. I must say it has been the best time of my life apart from when I married my husband six years ago. The last two years have been like riding an emotional roller coaster. It took quite a while for us to fall pregnant, and when we were just about to give up, the doctor gave us the news we were hoping for. The pregnancy and birth (2.5hours) were a breeze (I don't mean to brag). When Lauren was 3 months old I fell pregnant, due the day after her first birthday. How excited were we? Very! However a week before Christmas at nearly 13 weeks pregnant I miscarried. So now, we are just enjoying little Lauren and how fun and rewarding it is. Parenthood is the best thing!! Wouldn't change a thing.

Nikki, SA

Welcome Nikki,
My daughter is nearly 2 and believe me it just keeps getting better!
The worst part is wondering where the time has already gone!
Keep enjoying life,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Nikki and Tepe

I can't agree more with how quick time goes. My youngest is 6 1/2 mths and I am enjoying everything. I have a 9 1/2yr old and a 6 1/2yr old, where has that time gone. Soon enough I'll have teenagers. My two boys love having the bub around. But I think he'll be spoilt as they run to him when he makes a noise.
Welcome and I hope you enjoy this forum as much as we all tend to. I have a 2 yr old who is in the terrible two's but is still heaps of fun and makes me laugh at least 50 times a day and a 5 month old boy who I cant get enough of. Both my little girl and boy are our lives and wouldn't change anything about either of them except when my daughter decides to scream which is deafning. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe life together and happy parenting smile.
Hi I am 27 with a son who has just turned 1. Although my labour & birth was also a breeze mine lasted a little longer 35 hours!! Long but easy. I'm very sorry for your loss, are you going to try again soon? Are you planning a party for Lauren's 1st b'day? I organised a party for my son to start at 11am until 2pm as this is his awake time. However he was so excited by the balloons & streamers he wouldn't go to sleep he cried to get up and ended up going to bed at 12.00 and missed most of his party!!

Janelle Vic

Hi Janelle. In answer to your question to whether we are going to try again, we started trying straight away. It's now been nearly six months with no results. I am planning a party for Lauren with an Eeyore theme. I'm sure she will be just like your son and get excited by the decorations.

Nikki, SA

Hi all. I am also a new member - I have a 6 month old son, Reece. I also had a breeze pregnancy, birth (Reece was born by caesarian as he was full breech) and have a model child (doesn't cry much, sleeps easily, etc). I am extremely grateful that Reece is very easy to handle as it makes it easier for me to cope with the fact that my husband and I separated when Reece was 6 weeks old after 8 yrs of marriage (very unexpectedly). One word to summarise and not put a dampener on the topic of our wonderful kids - affair. Anyway, enough of that - I look forward to swapping stories and info with you all! I've also posted a message relating to dribble rash if anyone has any info to share.
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