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bow legged and pigeon toed Lock Rss

my 9 month old baby boy has bow legs and a slight pigeon family says it is becasue he started to stand too early...he was 3-4 months when he wanted to stand and kept trying until he was do i get rid of pidgeon toes and the bow legs? will it straighten itself out later on or will it get worse...i have no idea what to do...

jayden, qld, 1 yr boy

Hi there Mama bear

Have you taken your son to his baby doctor (paediatrician). I can remember once when I took my son to his, there was as little boy who was wearing special shoes on his feet.

You may need to take him to an orthopaedic specialist (which your GP) would be able to refer you to.

See how you go with that.
Hi mumma bear
I myself was very pigeon toed at a young age. I also have a young neice the same. All the doctors that i saw recommended that i try and walk with my feet straight and that i would grow out of it. I can remember walking along the line of the tiles at home to keep in line. They seem to be saying the same thing to my neice now. I now am 23 and only slightly pigeon toed. It seemed to fade as i went through primary school. Now It really only comes out when i am tired and draging my feet. i personly dont feel that it was because i started to stand to early. I hope i have been some help to you.

Renae, VIC

I listened to a video the other day, and they said to fix bow legs sas to sit them in the sun for 20 minutes or so each day and it would fix the problem. Give it a go, you never know!!

Sal, QLD, 22mnth toddler

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