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Some advice please.... I am 39 weeks pregnant and one of my tooth are playing up and really hurts (more in the gum than the tooth itself). Knowing that if I go to the dentist they can't take and x-ray and won't be able to give me any antibiotics. Is there something else that might easy the pain?

Thank you,
I've been to the dentist while pregnant and got xray's it was okay cause i had the lead vest on it was a digital xray machine. I left it for ages and ending up having 2 fillings and now also I need a root canal once bub's born I'm currently 36 weeks. I was a bit cautious about going but I weighed up the pain and my dentist and OB said that it would be fine otherwise is I got an infection they would have to give me anti biotic's. But you could see you chemist about something like drops to numb the area since your already 39 weeks.
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