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Pregnancy and periods Rss

I need some help, this is going to be a long message so I’m sorry. I just need some help and advice!

Hello, I am 18 years old. A few months ago I was very stupid and had unprotected sex. I am not on any forms of birth control. The last time I had sex was in February, my period for that month was the 19th-23rd? My period was funny that month I had one day where my period was non existent so me and my ex had sex. It roughly 4-5 minutes and we stopped because I felt my flow start back up. He didn’t finish inside of me, but I know there is a slight chance that pre cum can get your pregnant. When I seen the blood I freaked out and got worried that I was pregnant. He told me I was fine. I still worried but I waited until my period came for proof. It did come on March 23rd-27th, the first day my period came it was extremely funny. It was spotting for a bit , which worried me my mind assumed “implantation bleeding” a few hours later I took a pregnancy test because of how scared I was. ( first response test) and it was negative. My period came the next day, just light, enough to fill a pad but I wasn’t cramping or anything like usual so I got worried and didn’t believe my tests results. After a few days I stopped worrying. The March period did last for a few days obviously like my normal periods do. Around April 2nd I got this weird cramp into my stomach and my mind went to “what if I’m pregnant?” And from that moment on i was extremely worried about being pregnant. April 9th me and my now ex broke up, I stopped eating and sleeping for a while because of the anxiety. April 23rd-27th maybe the 28th I had my period extremely weird again, this time mostly spotting, not enough to fill a pad. There was one day I had no bleeding at all. I ended up taking two more first response tests, one was a digital and they both said negative. I also took a dollar store test that said negative. Last week I went to the hospital and they did a urine test and it said negative as well. I have read a lot about cryptic pregnancies, Phantom pregnancies and so much more. My may period isn’t supposed to start for another 7 days and I’m so scared, after my April period I had a weird taste in my mouth. My stomach feeling hard all over. Some nausea in the mornings, and not being able to eat because of it. The nausea and the weird taste went away, now I just have a WEIRD feeling in my stomach, from the boobs under, some pain around my ribs ( left side) and my boobs hurt a little. I am eating snacks a lot but I am not hungry, I just need help. I need someone to tell me if it’s a cryptic, phantom etc! My stomach has a weird feeling in it in the upper stomach as well.
Can someone please help?
Hello, I am no expert but I know how it sucks when you are so worried about something and no one replies. so I thought I would message you.

If the last time you had sex was Feb (3months ago) and have continued to have negative test results then you are not pregnant, as for your other symptoms in my (non-professional) opinion it is mainly down to stress and anxiety, going through a breakup is always hard and can affect your body in many ways.

May reasons can make your periods change, or for no reason at all you are young and your body may just be changing. but stress is a big one for change in periods, stress could be the cause of your nausea, sore stomach, sleeplessness, snacking and so much more.

I know what it is like to be young and worried, I was pregnant with my first son at 18 (fast forward 9 years later and I'm currently pregnant with number 2 yay!) with my first I was online reading everything, checking out every little niggle or symptom and you always read the WORST and worry yourself too much, which in turn leads to more stress and more symptoms and more worry. round and round you go.

My suggestion to you is to stop using "Dr Google", go and see your family doctor / GP, someone you are comfortable with and can talk over all your symptoms and everything that's happened, they can help you with your stress and anxiety, rule out what may or may not be happening and test for cryptic pregnancy or anything that's needed.

Take some time for yourself and do something you love doing, get your ex and all your worry off your mind even just for a short time can make you feel so much better.

All the best with everything,

Thanks, this actually helped me big time. I have started to think that my period may just be changing smile
Jessica, I also read that if it were infact a cryptic pregnancy it wouldn’t be detected at all. I did take a urine test at the hospital, so I’m sure that one was the most accurate
Jessica r, is there a way I can privately message you?
Hi, I don't think they have private message here sorry.

if you are young and healthy then cryptic pregnancy is probably not likely. but if you are worried it is best to see your doctor.

if you had sex during your period it is unlikely you are pregnant at all. you ovulate mid-cycle, about 14 days before your period starts -/+, your egg only lasts a day or two but sperm can live inside your body for a few days so you can conceive a couple of days either side of ovulation. check out the huggies ovulation calculator on this site to get a better idea of this.

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