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Junior size nappies too small Lock Rss

Unfortunately my dd is struggling with toilet training and we found the nappy pants tend to tear on occasion and would rather use the open style nappies but the junior seem small we have been using babylove which give more stretch but she gets rashes more from them over huggies has anyone else had this issue is there other options thanks you in advance
Hi there

Our Customer Service Team would love to help you with this matter.

Our team of service staff are available to take your calls between the hours of 8AM – 4PM Australian EST, Monday to Friday.

For Australia call 1800 028 334. Please ensure to have the product name and barcode handy, as well as the manufacturing code (for nappies, manufacturing code is located under the grip tab and begins with the letter X).

At times you may experience a short delay in being connected to one of our team. This is usually because our team members are spending the time required to provide a high quality service to another parent or we may be experiencing an increased number of incoming calls. Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciate your patience.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us with your compliments or your concerns.

Hi Joe,

I use huggies junior nappy pants when changing my nephew, who I regularly mind and I have never had a problem with them tearing. Maybe you just got a bad batch, I’m sure Huggies will help you with that.
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