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What is your young babies hair like and how do you style it?? Lock Rss

Ok I've got a bit of a random question(s).

My 7 month old girl has crazy hair. It has pretty much been the same since she was born except it's obviously longer now.

Has anyone's babies got hair like this?? See the link. Sorry about the bad pics though!

How do you style it? Do you tie it up? I'd love to see pics if possible too! She's only young so I don't think I can do too much but I'd love to be able to tame it.

Also, if your babies had hair like that, how long did it take to go to normal and did it turn out straight or curly?

I get comments about her hair every time we go out and it's getting a bit old now...

Oh lol cute! That is some crazy hair hehe. I haven't had that problem so not sure how to tackle it. Could you get it cut so it's more even all around? It will soon grow back (hopefully more evenly) and a lot of babies are still pretty bald even at age 1 (my niece was!).

Heehee! Cute!

My DD had a kinda funny hair at that age, she had old man hair do smile Lots of hair around the side and bald looking on top!

I used to use (Still do!) a spray bottle with water to make it sit down and then a headband...

Pinkie! So nice to see you smile
Wow that's a lot of hair

I forgot to add that I don't want to get it cut yet lol sad I had hair like my girls when I was a baby too but I had even more of it.

It sticks up when it's out, so sometimes now I just tie it up in a ponytail. I don't know if that's the best idea though, like if it will ruin it?

Also how did you get a photo in the post? I can't seem to figure it out!

I know you said you don't want it cut but it might be good for it. But removing the baby fluff hair will mean less fuzz. The newer thicker hair will fuzz less coz its heaver.

I think you could try some leave in conditioner though wet hair. I found this kept my daughters fine straight hair from getting too frizzy and knotted.

My kids hair didn't start growing until after their first birthday. Then after their first hair cut at about 2 years old they had a very short bob/ boyish style. Which actually looks cuter then fuzzy hair,.

I don't think a hair tie will ruin her hair but she might pull it out and put it in her mouth which isn't safe.
Firstly, I want to say that your baby is really so cute and I think no need to do anything with her hair. They are looking good openly. smile
super cute grin
so cutie mind sound's like a so funny and nice but this is some crazy hair I haven't had that problem so not sure how to tackle
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