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Advice on reading & learning with 10m/o please! Lock Rss

Ds is 10- almost 11 m/o & we have so many books to read him but I'm having so much trouble with it. I've been reading to him since birth but these days he just doesn't settle down to have story time or any other quiet time. He just squirms & wriggles until he can get away so I put him in his rocker & sit on the floor next to him but he cries if he can't grab the book & rip the pages. I gave him his own book to hold but that only worked while I read a few pages & kind of defeats the purpose anyway if he doesn't pay attention. He never really has much settled time at all. It's all go go go then still going but a bit grumpy then suddenly sleep. He doesn't stay focused on one type of play or anything for more than a few minutes. I would love to do more reading with him but finding it impossible. We play with shaped blocks & put them in the matching hole but that also only lasts a couple of minutes before he is off somewhere.
Am I being silly thinking there is something not right about his short attention span? I mean, he is just a baby exploring & having fun but all other mums I know seem to be able to sit & read a book after bath time but not me.
The "your baby can read" thread just got me thinking about it. We wouldn't be able to keep his attention on flash cards etc to do anything like that (not that I would buy it anyway) & he doesn't watch tv or DVDs either, even when I put something on just for him.
Any advice or opinions would be appreciated!

Hi. he is only little. i read to my kidsfrom around 3 months. They often wriggled and when they started crawling would not sit still. Just because they are not looking at the pages doesnt mean its not sinking in. its all about routine. Its great your reading to your baby. keep it up it will pay off. my kids all love to read now. your doing a great job.
I wouldn't worry, he is only little and DS was similar at that age, ripping pages, chewing the books, not wanting to sit still and very short attention span. Then all of a sudden maybe about 6 months later he started to love books, would sit and "read" them and want to be read to. Now we have heaps of books and read every day. My DS started walking at 10 months so he was way more interested in running around than sitting down reading! grin

It's perfectly normal. When they are really young they are happy to sit there and just listen to your voice. Then they discover they can move independently and are too busy exploring the world. Then they (or at least my son) go through a stage of wanting to explore books on his own. Opening and closing them, putting them in his mouth, tearing pages! Now at 2 he brings the books he wants to read to me so we can explore them them together.

Thanks guys! Wow walking at 10 months! Ds isn't there yet but is walking around furniture side ways. Doesn't even really like walking with me holding his hands to help him stand. But he is a super fast crawler! I'm not worried about that at all it's just interesting how they do these things at such different times. Ds has a little friend who has just started taking a few steps from the couch to his mummy and another who is barely crawling! Then ds is more developed in other ways like he has really good fine motor skills. Picking up small things & likes putting little toys inside boxes & stuff & even manages to hold a paintbrush & do a bit of painting at daycare (often ends up painting his head too). It's really quite fascinating to see them develope so differently.

I wouldn't worry, Just make the time you spend together fun. My DS used to be the same. Now at 2 1/2 we can read a few books in a row and he loves it

I'd try books with really simple text and with feely bits or flaps - that encourages participation

All kids are different but it is hard not to compare them to others.

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