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Teething what helps? Lock Rss

Hi my boy cut his first 2 teeth together at 5 months no worries at all and now is cutting his third tooth but has been waking every night for the past week crying in pain has very bad diarrhea and bits everything i need some ideas to help him out i give him pain releif and bonjela but sometimes i don't think it works any suggestions would be great anything for some sleep.
Thanks Casey
Teething is so cruel...with all my kids I have used bonjela and it doesnt always help so a little panadol/nurafen before bed is good too when they are really in alot of pain.......and sometimes raising one end of cot a little can help as quite often if you have ever had toothaches yourself laying down flat it throbs......
Ive tried bruers teething relief which is good and the
lemon on gums works well too it retracts gums from teeth..slice lemon and bend rind slowly so oils on surface then rub on gum...even the lemon juice itself....My daughter is now 14months and we are only just starting to show signs that her 5th tooth is coming thru..and sometimes its the diarreah and runny nose for weeks! poor thing!
You could always try the half frozen washer in freezer whenever is easy for you as the coldness and rougness of washer feels good my 3 kids have loved it and the tommee tippee fresh food feeder is good too as you can put cold fruit etc even ice chips for bubs to chew on....unfortunatly night time relief is harder to organise with alot of theses things.....hope there is something that works for you...

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Hi there,

I found that Seda Gel worked alot better for my little one. And also teething tablets. The teething tablets were great. They dissolve in there mouth....
Hope that helps...

Jessica,NSW,10 1/2 month old baby

some hospitals have a heavy dose of teething drops. (adelaide) womens and childrens does. and they are supposed to be fantastic - so much better than the normal bonjela. But i found during the day giving a tommeetippee mesh feeding bag (you can buy them at target some supermarkets) but you can put ice cubes in them, frozen fruit cubes or banana they love it! also try the teething gel keys, also bought from the same shops. I think they are a different brand though, but simply leave them in the freezer all the time and pull them out as a toy. They really work. Give it a try -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi there, my boy is 13 months and is just getting his top teeth. i have just experienced a week of sleepless nights and lots of crying. it's good to know that i am not alone in this area. I can highly reccomend the bruer teething relief and sedagel. i found bonjella didn't work as well. Also the tomee tipee mesh feeder, put ice cubes in it. works a treat.
good luck, remember it wont last forever.
Hi there,

My bub is 6mths and cut his first tooth on Wed just gone and we had no issues with that one. He looks as though the second bottom tooth is about to come through and it's causing him all types of pain. sad I'm going to try to find the tommee tippee fresh food feeder as it looks as though it's the answer to my prayers! lol I've been fridging his teething toys for him, but this makes the entire toy (including handle) cold and therefore he's not too keen on holding it for too long.

Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I can repay the favour one day! smile

Just a quick update - tooth #2 is through! Overnight the second bottom tooth has joined the first one! Hopefully it's easier on Jax now that it's cut through the gum... SLEEP HERE WE COME!!! lol
Hi All,

Thanks for all the tips, Benjamin has 3 teeth now and looks like he is about to get his top front 2 he looks abit funny with the 3 (2 bottoms and top left one next to front one) hehe
By the way Happy Mothers Day to everyone smile
Casey and Benjamin

Benjamin is 7 months old
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