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AUG 06 BUBs... B'day Plans???? Lock Rss

So it's nearly time for the BIG 1st Birthday, so I was just wondering what everyone has planned for their little ones 1st Birthday?????

We are having a kids party on the Saturday & family on the sunday.
For the Kids party, I am hiring some big toys from the toy library, playing lots of games & I have got a bubble blowing machine!!!!
(the kids ages are from 11months-5.5yrs)

Oh! & we are having an ice cream cake on the saturday & a donut king cake on the sunday.

My little man turns 1 on the 30th i have no idea what to get him for his birthday or what kind of party to have we only have a couple of friends with kids, so there won't be many kids there, I'm sure i will figure out what to do soon, well i hope so anyway!!!!

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Hi my lil one will be 1 on the 30th aswell, i am having 2 partys due 2 fmily not getting along. have no idea what im doin yet.
i know i am gonna have 1 party at a restruant and one a BBQ but i dunno what when or how.

BUT its approching very fast so better get our act 2gether.

My daughter will be 1 on the 23rd, i can't believe how fast it has come around... So excited... I think we are having a big bbq on the Saturday with all our family and friends. I wanted to have her birthday at one of those playland places for bubs and toddles but don't have enough kids coming, only about 4 aged from 6 mths to 4 so not sure on that. Love to know what other August mums are going to do..

My boy will be one in August too, Where has the year gone?? We aren't doing anything big, we're in the middle of building, so are renting a tiny flat at the moment. So a big party at our place is out! We are just going to get all the immediate family and go to a restaurant for lunch. It should be nice. I'm going to make a cake (haven't decided whether to do a truck or a teddy bear yet though!) And have decided that everyone still has to wear a party hat and sing happy birthday!
Hi girls, wow nearly1, where have our little babies gone?! For Ryan's birthday on the 7th of august (his party is on the 12th) we are having a big party at my inlaws house as ours is to small. We have hired a marquee and outdoor heaters as at this time a year the weather can be a problem. we have a pinyada but are yet to decide on a pooh, a tier or a wiggles cake. We are pretty much orgainised (i am an organised person) Not sure whether to have party bags or not. Are any of you doing up bags for the older kiddies? Also we are having finger food all day long and was wondering if any of you have any good ideas? Hope you all enjoy your bubs first birthday! smile
Hey everyone...I have twins turning one on the 7th August. With two does the time go twice as fast?? We are having a family get together on their birthday night..lots of grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, only one cake though...I'm going to try and make it...we'll see, I figure I can get away with doing only one cake for their first birthday atleast, we'll sing happy birthday twice though. My husband thinks we should wait the 9 minutes difference between their births when we sing but I don't think that will happen once cake is put infront of them. Hope all of the August babies have a wonderful birthday...Good luck to everyone!!!!
Hey everyone. Layno my little boy will be one on 29th August too. I cant believe where the year has gone. Where have our babies gone? I think we will be just doing a small family thing this year and will do a bigger thing next year when he will have more idea of what is going on!

hi ,my bubs birthday is on the 18/8 cant believe its been a year already. we are planning a bob the builder party at home with family and friends.
I have a little girl Tayla who will be one on the 20th of August. We are going to the playschool concert as if falls on the day and i would be taking the older two anyway. So im cheeting and turning it into her party. Ive invited there cousins to come and if its as good as the last time we went then the kids will all love it!

Teagan 7, Ryden 4, Tayla 3 and Me&Dh 35

congrate's to other mother's of august bubs, and hope on the day of our bubs birthday we all give ourselves a pat on the back, the reason it has all gone so quick is because we have breezed through it and done a wonderful job with our precious one year olds.
My gorgeous girl is one on the 17th and im going to make it the very best birthday i can, i went into alot of party shops today to get ideas of stuff to do and found so many thing i can do cheap at home, ive got heaps of stuffed animal amd big pooh bears and tigers im going to tie them from a bit if string and hang them everywhere and make some mobiles, have princess hats for the girls and pirate and cowboy hats for the boys, heaps of party games and treasur hunts, i have a jumping castle for the whole day for 150 dollars which will be the highlight although i have a lot of kids coming so it was worth the money,
i think the most important thing to remember at kids partys is to be alternative "boys dont want to be at a fairy party", and just decorate the place with colour as much as possible, 100's of different colour balloons and there satisfied
happy birthday to all your bubs and well done to all you mums

round 2 mumma

Ok, so it's now August... PARTY TIME!!!!!

I hope everyone enjoys their Babies Birthdays.

Take Care
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