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hi all,
my names manda,19 and recently became single not by choice.i have a beautiful 9 month old baby girl named paige.if any one wants to chat that would be great smile

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hey manda,
my name is sarah and im 20 and a single mum also wit a 7 month old baby boy. SO how do u find being a single mummy??

hi sarah,
im finding it very very demanding,not having dd's father around anymore to take some of the load off being a parent.but on the plus side its helped me be more independent,how bout yourself?

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Its not too bad but ds's father was never around so i dont know any different which is good i think if he was around then he left it would be a lot harder...
where do u live??

i live at ormeau,on the northern side of the goldcoast.where do you live?
have you ever put your DS in daycare?my DD starts next thursday and im having trouble letting her go sad

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i live in newcastle in NSW
never put ds in daycare and hopefully wont have to as ds's aunty (his dads sister in law)asked to look after him when i go to work.
I couldnt imagine letting him go tho...
good luck for next thursday !!

Hi ladys

my name is dani i am 21 and have a little 8 month old daughter called alycia. I was wondering if u would mind if i join in your lil chat. i am also a single mum.
Alycias father is still in the picture always coming round 2 see her.
Are you both still friends with your babys fathers?
Anyway i will leave it at that, Have a great day and i hope 2 chat with you both later!
hi manda!! i'm not a single mummy!!! you must be an awesome mummy!!! i have a 6 month old little boy he's beautiful!! where u from
hi anyonez angel,
wow thats gotta be a huge relief for you thou,most of my family live too far away,and my mother is pregnant and cant lift DD (she's too heavy,lol)but we've been for a couple of orientation days to the daycare and DD seems to like all the activitys and ladies there,which is big relief.

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Hello ladies

Can I join in? Im now a single mum of 3, not by choice either sad

Hope to chat with you all smile

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

hi baby butterflys,
im manda,19 with a 9.5 month old angel named paige,DD's father left just 3-4 weeks ago so things a still a bit soor between us and considering i hav'nt heard from him in 2 weeks i dont know whats going on,he's just an imature 18 year old that would rather go out partying with his stupied mates than have a family. smile
wher are you from?

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hi princess222003,
how are you coping with being a single mum of 3,that must be challenging at times,
kind regards manda smile

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