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Any November 2004 babies? Rss

Hi all! I have a gorgeous 3 month old and was wondering how other mums with similar ages are going with their tots!?!
We are getting full sleep at night but not much napping during the day.
Also Alexis loves to nap on her tummy but hates awake tummy time! Any ideas?
My son is nearlly 3 months and he absolutly loves his bath and tummy time but when he has had enough he sure lets us He loves the camera and when mum shops he is a typical male and doesnt like it, he sleeps most the time and crys as soon as he wakesup. we almost get a full night sleep but he wakes up around 6am and then wants to play all morning when all mum wants to do is sleep:)Isaacs smiles are so big and he smiles for eveyone. its his new trick


Hi Amy

My baby girl Shanaye was born 13th Nov. She sleeps all night from 10pm til about 8am and shes done this from a week old. I'm blessed with a great baby. She is my first. She loves the bath & usually cries when i take her out of it. She gave me her first laugh on the 19th of Jan. That lightened up my day. Shes a big weight of 6kgs. What does your little girl weigh?? I've just found out shes lactose intolerant so have changed her formula which means all her problems with constipation & wind are finally over. The poor little thing has a clicky hip & might have to go in plaster & brace. I'd love to know all your baby's milestones & her development so we can compare them.

Looking forward to hearing back from you & other mums.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

I forgot to add, my baby loves sleeping on her tummy too but also doesn't seem to like it as much when shes awake. She doesn't cry but does an awful lot of grunting & groaning. I'm not sure why she does that thou.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

HI,there, my bub was born 14th Nov. He still can't sleep thru night now. Wake up for a feed between 1am to 4 am (when I put him down to sleep usually at 8pm). You are so lucky to have a baby sleep thru whole night!!

My boy won't sleep more than 45min in day time nap, I don't know how to turn a catnap into sleep, i've tried everything,even controlled comforting, but you wouldn't believe how hard when i do controlled comforting, my boy screams, choks,trying all his strength to turn his head to me ( he want to see me which all tips say should avoid eye contact when putting him to sleep).

Well, he weighs 8.5kg today,is a big boy,maybe i overfed him? (breastfeeding)

He doesn't know how to turn over yet and can lift his head up (and chest) when i put him on his tummy (he used to crying a lot but not now) he is now 68cm long, how about yours?

My boy doesn't laugh a lot, i tried so hard to get a smile from him.


Claudia , mum to Ian and MuLan

My bubs was born 1 day before yours Claudia.

My bubs weighs between 6.5 & 7 kilos. I'm not really sure as i stand on the scales with her & then just me & work out the difference which is not accurate & i have silly scales.

She's about 65cm but again i'm not sure if that's accurate. Can't wait until her next visit to the health centre so i can find out.

Sorry no tips to help you with bubs sleeping as my baby is great with sleeping. She now sleeps from 10pm right through till 9-9.30am which is great. She also has a few sleeps during the day which are usually for 1-2 hours. She loves to sleep.

I get smiles all the time. It brightens my day. She's only just started to grasp her toys & rattles & likes to put them in her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth & she's found her thumb too. I try to stop her from sucking her thumb but it's not working. She spits out her dummy coz she prefers her thumb.

I wouldn't be worried that you overfeed bubs. They eat when they're hungry. My pediatrician asked me if i was force feeding bubs, which offended me, coz of her size at our last visit. My bubs doesn't even eat the required amount, sometimes nowhere near it & is still bigger than average. It just depends on bub.

They grow up so fast. Too fast.

Enjoy your babies.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

My son was born on the 23/11/04. Hasnt time gone so quickly? He loves tummy time and he will spend hours on the floor on a playmat surrounded by colurful toys. He loves rolling from side to side trying to reach out to them. He has a huge smile, but they are usually reserved for his big brother. Not sure how heavy he is, but he still fits into some big 0000s so he is probably still small. We dont live near a chemist or baby health centre so i have to wait for the community nurse to do the rounds of the local community centers, i think she may be through here on tuesday, so i might get him weighed then.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

my girl was born on the 30th.she has always loved people talking to her she smiles and baby talks to you she looks right into your eyes when she does.she dosen`t like it when she can`t see anyone.she holds her head up like she is a 6month old.she loves bashing (lol)and grabbing her toys that we hang in front of her.she is now trying very hard to sit herself up.she is constantly drooling and chewing her fist tries very hard to put peoples fingers in her mouth.i weighed her the other day she is now 7.2kg nearly 00 size a bit keener on her tummy now than before.she has taken to watching tv a bit.not rolling yet but getting there and is teething and nearly has her first tooth though now.hasn`t yet let out a proper laugh yet can`t wait till she does.
sorry forgot she sleeps all night and has done since about 4 weeks old.and now sleeps just about exact to the hour 3 hours during the day.
wow rdw206, that's early for a tooth isn't it? i'm not sure but thought it was later than that.

My bubs is still in some size 0000, 000 & 00. I buy most of her clothes from Target so i thought the sizing would be the same. That's not the case.
Has anyone else experienced this???

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Yes Jenni -lea! whoever makes these clothes knows little about sizing. My SIL bought me a 0000 outfit from best and less and it is so adorable, except it is more like the size of a 00. Problem being, she got it just after he was born thinking it would fit, now i have a beautiful summer outfit that will probably fit him in winter, and its not like i can get a smaller size because there were no 00000 made. My son was born 7lb 4oz too, so it wasnt like he was premmie or anything. I find target clothes get bigger as your child grows. My 2 yr old wears anything from a size 2-4, but target 2 & 3s are really big. but they are great clothes because they are a little more durable.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

I agree with you about target clothes being durable. I choose to buy most clothes from there. I too have many summer outfits that bubs won't get to wear because of big make unfortunately. I often put things on her that are 2 sizes too big just so she can wear them coz they are so pretty. I have to say she looks so cute in clothes too big. Mind you she is a bigger than average girl. She was 7 pound 8 or 3.4 kilos when born & now shes 7 to 7.5 kilos. Not exactly sure. I have bought 00 for winter from target so they are a little big but i'm sure she'll grow into them soon. They grow way too fast.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

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