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July 2004 Bubs Rss

Hi mummies to July babies.

Well we have gone thru pregnancy, newborn and now we will go thru the baby stage together!

Hope Zarli starts returning to her old sleeping habits for you Sheree ... she is still thriving I am guessing.

That is great Jayden is sleeping thru for you too Mel, definately makes life a lot easier doesn't it!

Ryan is going great guns. Only complaint I have with him is he is a little bit of a mummy's boy and I have trouble leaving him even for an hour with anyone. He brings down the house ... pretty much the only time he ever gets upset though, he is generally a placid and happy bub.

At 4 mths he is now 65cm and 6.2kg, so a little bit of a stringbean. He has also been rolling from tummy to back since 15 weeks which can sometimes turn into a game for him at nap/bedtime (he's a tummy sleeper).

Hope all other mums and bubs are well. What is everyone else's bubs up to???


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo

I cant believe the newborn stage is gone ..what an achievement hey Mums ?? Isnt it kind of sad tho..

Jayden is still sleeping thru ! I was worried for a while that it was too good to be true, but it is. He is being christened in 6 weeks which I am looking forward to. I cant wait to pick an outfit for him.

He is sitting on my lap at the moment fascinated with the sound of me typing....he doesnt want to go to sleep so I thought I would let him stay up a little bit longer before 7.30pm bedtime.

Ryan sounds like a clever boy rolling around ahaaha

Well there you go, I just discovered another thing that will put a baby to sleep ...(I just looked at Jayden & he is almost falling asleep) and that is the sound of typing.

aawwww poor little thing..I'll go and put him to bed

Have fun


8 month old

hi mums/dads and bubs,

i am running a mums/dads parent group from my house on FRIDAYS between 11am and 1pm.

Please feel free to email me for more details and my address/phone number, as all of the parents who attend are from the "huggies" forum,and it is a fun & relaxed group.

My email address is:

i hope to hear from you all soon, and each & everyone of you and your babies are welcome.


Ann & Nicholas (4 months)
Hi mums

How are your July bubs going?? Did you start your bub on solids at 2mths old Trudy?? I have just started Ryan on solids in the last couple of weeks. I was going to wait till 6mths but he started waking up for a feed at 3am (after sleeping thru since 8 weeks) and was literally lunging himself at food we had ... He is now 4.5 mths and 6.5kg.

He's latest achievement is rolling from back-to-tummy this week. He has been going from tummy-to-back regularly since 15 weeks so he has just mastered going the opposite way. He is also getting close to being able to sit unsupported. Can do it now for v. short periods but mainly topples over when he decides to lunge for toys so I still have to sit with him to catch him LOL

Hope mums and bubs are all well

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo and other wonderful mummy's...

I too have a bub that was born in July 2004!

(Jo I only just found this post... you sneaky girl!)

My little man is William Wyatt and he was born on 26th July 2004.

Yesterday William had his 4 month needles and weigh in... his current stats are as follows:

Weight - 5.65kg
Height - 60.5cm
Head Circ - 41cm

My little man has been going through a huge growth spurt wanting to feed every 3 hours... aaaaaghh! So my doctoer suggested we introduce some first solids. We tried 1 teaspoon of rice cereal and he ate the whole lot... it was quite funny he would screw up his face when I first put it in his mouth, then he would smile at me and swallow it! He did this for the whole feed.

Look forward to hearing more about all of your bubba's soon.


My name is Kelly, I have a 4.5 month old girl, Alannah.

I'd love to join this chat (I saw some of you chatted while you were pregnant, I'm sorry I missed out on that but only found this site after Alannah was born)

I had a great pregnancy, easy(ish) delivery and Alannah is a great baby.

I just love her to bits, so does her Daddy.

Lately she's been trying to crawl, although she hasn't realised she needs to be up on all fours to do it! And she'd quite like to sit on her own but still falls to the side. She loves to be upright so she can see everything!!

Look forward to chatting with you all about our wonderful bubs.


Ps Maddychelle---Thanks for what you did the other day, none of us have the time or energy to waste on people like that. CHEERS smile smile

Kelly wink Mikki

You are most welcome Kelly.... wink

I look forward to chatting with you here too. Is Alannah your first bub? I have an almost 2 year old daughter Madeleine and my son William (affectionately called Billy) is 4 months old today!

Billy loves to be up right too... tries to sit forward all by himself! He absolutely hates tummy time and gets so distressed.

Anyway, have to run............ Master Billy calls...

Michelle smile
Hi Michelle,

Yes Alannah is our first bub. She's totally spoilt rotten!!! by us and by her Nana smile

How is Madeleine with the bub? Does she 'help'? our have her own 'baby' that she takes care of?

I have a friend who has an almost two year old and a 3 month old. The older one is good most of the time but sometimes he gets a bit excited and smacks the wee girl. Not sure if it's a jelousy thing or just his age??

Hope everyone is having a happy day, it's almost wintery here today sad


Kelly wink Mikki

Hi there to everyone... it's been so long since I've got to 'talk' to you all an i've ust had such a ball reading about all your little bundles and their deveopments.

Ann don't worry about Nicholas not rolling over yet. My 5 and a half year old NEVER rolled over. There is nothing wrong with her (then or now) she just never rolled over. But was still walking by her first birthday.
Zarli is going very well. She had a month there where she really slacked off and only put on about 150gm in the month. then last week she put on 240gm in the week - I just can't work her out. She isn't rolling overyet either. But as I said Taneisha never did so i'm not too worried. I also can't get her to sit... all she wants to do is stand...constantly! She's been on solids now for about 2 weeks twice a day - she loves her food. Non of this introducing them slowly and a little at a time. She screams if you tell her the foods finished before she's ready - could have a real problem on our hands I think!!!
We go bak on Friday 3rd Dec for Zarli's next ultrasound on her kidneys. Hopefully thinks haven't gotten any worse. I don't imagine they would have as she's been quite healthy but we'll see.
Anyway, I hope you are feeling fantastic. Look after yourselves and those gorgeous babies. Talk to you all again soon..

PS - Jo... Zarli isn't sleeping any better. She still wakes at least one or twice thru the night. But I have got her sleeping thru the day now so that's been good.

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hello Everyone

My daughter Holly was born on the 8th July sounds like i had the first July baby!!!!

She has been rolling over since she was about two months. I have started her on solids sometimes she is keen but other times she isn't.

She is trying very hard to sit up at the moment. Her head and shoulders come up and her legs come up but she just can't get movement!!!

She likes to move around a lot though. It started very early.

Holly isn't sleeping through th night but she usually sleeps until about 6 has half an bottle then back to sleep then she wakes up at seven and amuses herself. Sheis a bit restless during the day though.

I also have a son who is three and i am expecting my third in June 2005.

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

hey there everyone!!

Well Mckenzie has been on solids for the last two weeks, and is growing at a great rate of knots! shes officially doubled her birth weight, as I weighed her yesterday!! so yay!!

so shes now 5.5Kgs (12ILBS) ish length is 61cms so four four months thats not to bad heheheh

Theres not much we've found she turns down, infact not a thing! (so far!!) don't expct our winning streak to last long!

Shes rolling front to back and vice versa, army crawling short distances, especially to grab toys, and is trying to get her legs up and under her! so probably not long to go now.

She's such a delight, a happy wee baby, whos sleeping from 9 - 12 hours a night, so thats an absolute blessing, which has been happening since she was 8 weeks old!! just in time for me to go back to work hahaha PHEW!!

I sometimes dream, I wonder if we'll be this lucky next time around?? Something makes me think NOT! HHAHHA

Hope your all having fun ladies!!! and Daddys!!
Love Kel and Mckenzie

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi guys

Well it sounds like all these July bubs are thriving ... sounds like all you mummies are doing a fantastic job. Isn't 4mths so much fun, their whole little personalities are coming out ...

Welcome back Maddychelle, haven't spoken with you for a while. Billy sounds so cute.

Sheree, great to hear from you again, please let me know how Zarli's kidney goes. It is great to hear she has had no troubles with it thus far.

And one of you mummies is already expecting another in June 2005. That would have meant your little one was only 2 or 3mths old when you conceived again ... were you breastfeeding?

Ryan is going great ... no issues with him at the moment which is nice now his on solids he's back to sleeping thru ... he too is a real little mover ... we've got some serious child proofing to do when he starts moving cause he is into anything within his reach now LOL

take care everyone

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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