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Born May 2004 - Turning 2 soon so what are they all up to?? Lock Rss

Hi all,

How are all the May 2004 Babies (well should say Toddlers now smile ) all doing? They are all nearly about to turn "2"!!! Are you planning parties for them and what are they all up to lately??

My boy Christopher will turn "2" on 1st May so just over a week to go for his birthday we are having a "Bob the Builder" party for him on 29th April with all his little friends as he is a mad Bob Fan smile
He is starting to get into those terrible 2 stage where he will not listen and throws many tantrums.
But most of the time he is a loving little boy and just growing up way too fast!!

He loves to climb on just about everything he can, he is still having 2 bottles of milk a day as he still seems to love his bottles, he is a fussy eater and hates fruit and vegies the only veg I will get into him is peas and corn, he has a dummy for bedtime only. He weighs 12kgs now and is almost 90cms long.

He is still in a cot but soon we'll be putting him into a bed as we are having another baby this year so want to get him settled into a new room and bed well before the new bub comes along. He is talking quite a bit more lately and can say alot of words now which is good as he got a bit delayed due to him having numerous ear infections but since he had his Grommet operation in Oct 05 he has really picked up in all areas so its been a great improvement for him.

Anyway would love to hear from you all that have May 04 toddlers and see how they are all going.

Surely there must be some more May 2004 babies out there, I would love to hear how they are getting on smile

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