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just wondering how many mums out there have had premmie babies. how are the babies now? how are the mums (and dads) coping?

I have twins Eric and Jade born @ 28 weeks.

now coming up 6 month bith asger 3 months developmental age.

would lovre to hear from premmie mums

I had a pemmie baby. Abby was born in July 2005 at 26+5. She weighed just 915gr.

She is now 9 1/2mths (6 1/2mths corrected) & weighs a HUGE 6.7kg.

She is doing really well. We were very lucky with her. So far no problems that we know. She still hasnt rolled over or anything like that. She only started on rice cereal & puree fruit a couple of weeks ago.

WOW!!! Twins, You must really have your hands full. How are they doing? How are you doing?




i didn't have a premmie baby but am new to the huggies site and wanted to talk to somebody so i hope its not considered rude to reply and not refer to the subject. but i did have identical twin boys on the 6/12/05 i went to 37wks there names are dean and leo also have 3yr old daughter called erin 25/11/03 who is more than a handfull and more difficult to handle then my boys at the moment!! i'm just hoping to talk to any new twin mums out there. hope to here from someone soon.

Nikki, WA, girl 25/11/02, twinboys 6/12/05

Congratulations on surviving premmie babies.

My son delivered at 34weeks. I had pre-clampsia so he only weighed 1.78kg (3lb 10oz) and was 46cm long and was not growing since 30w scan.

I was lucky enought to have a fantastic OB who let me birth naturally and Alexander came out breathing and not needing any resus. He stayed in humicrib for 2 1/2 weeks and they were the longest moments of my life. I was fortunate that he is our 2nd child and I knew how to breastfeed, even if he was too weak to.

The trauma of having him taken from me so soon was eased by the being able to talk to other mothers at the country hospital, with same fears.

Now that he is 8m old he looks no different to other babies, but the first 6months he looked like a newborn. Developmentally he is doing all the things at the right time, but early milestones like smiling and body strength took time. Be reassured that by kinder they will be no different than any other chilld. It has taught me how precious his life is and how blessed i am to be his mother. I don't complain about sleepless nights- he's home and strong enough to cry now. smile

Good luck to all Mums and Dads of premmies.

Caroline- Alexander 8m, prem

Jameison was born at 34 +1 (it's amazing how important one day can be!) He was 2.01kg and hit 4kg last week. After expressing at home for 6 weeks, we were able to get him to take to breastfeeding with a lot of help. Had 2 full days with a local CYH lactation consultant, then we were accepted into Torrens House for a 4 day/3 night intensive program. He's still fussy, but at least i know it's something that will improve with age.

The hardest thing i'm finding with having a premmie is the corrected age/real age thing, trying to keep 2 lots of info in my poor brain is hard!

He spent just over 3 weeks in hospital. Not too bad really.
Hi There

My daughter was born 33weeks and 4 days premmie on 1.5.06.She 5lb 11oz a good size but spent 2 1/2 weeks in SCN.We named her sophie and she home with us now and doing really well.


It is great to hear that there are other mums out there with premmie bubs. My little girl Katie was born at 29weeks and weighed 890grams. (D.O.B 16/1/2006) She is now 5 1/2 months. I find it difficult to tell exactly where she should be developmentally.
i'd love to hear more about how your twims are doing

Genelle ,Katie jo 5.5mths


I had my twin boys at 34 weeks on New Years Eve, 2005. They stayed in special care for 10 days then they were allowed to come home. We were very lucky as they were both very healthy and were breastfeeding really well.
My boys Cohen & Jude are such a delight. We also have a 6 year old and a 5 year old. Managing the school & kinder pick ups and drop offs as well as trying to get the boys into some sort of routine as well as feeding solids are the hardest things for me at the moment.
Since putting them onto the bottle (from 5 months) they have really porked out and are doing well. Jude is rolling around everywhere but Cohen is not interested he likes to lay there and just look around.
I forget that they were prem until they are with their cousins. One is 4 weeks older but is ahead alot development wise. He is sitting up unassisted whereas my boys are nowhere near that.
Sorry for rambling on, this is my first post.

Tania, Vic, 6yrs, 5 yrs, 8mth twins

my bub wa sborn at 34weeks and had to be resused at birth luckly he could breath on his own after that. but had to stay in scn for a week due to low blood sugar. he is now 19months old and doing really well. he was my third baby. it was scarry because during my pregnany he had stopped growing and i had to be induced. i spent three months of my pregnancy in bed because of constant bleeds and preterm labour witch they stoped twice. he would not breast feed so i expressed till he was 7months becasue milk dried up but little did i know it dried up because i was pregnant again. it was a struggle and we had constant phiso as he had other problems now he is just like any other toddler his age. luckly my last was born at 37weeks and was healthy but he had same problem iugr. so i had three small babies and one woppa. the woppa was my first . but what is small becasue my doc said 6pound is small these days and two of mine were 6pound.
My twins were prem and so was my son after them i was told i would continue to have prems as i have a problem with carrying full term i then proved DR's wrong buy having two full term babies despite pregnacy complications and honestly my full termers are no different to my prems though my first son is now 4yrs old and dosn't want to get chubby dr's have tried him on formula's to get him to gain weight but we have all decided on the fact that you CAN'T FATTEN A THROUGHBRED lol apart from being on the small side his and the twins development is great they are just like every one else there age honstly i am aware of the problems with prems and like most other prem mothers we are over excited when our babies get bum cheeks and learn to suck for the very first time but my bubs are fine they were slow developers upuntil the age of about 18mths then they flourished and havn't turned back since

mum of 5


I am also a New Mother of Twin Boys Peter and James, I was actually on Strict Bed Rest In Hospital for 10 Weeks from Week 24 to Week 33, I was then able to go home and then soon after had my two beautiful boys 5 Weeks Premmie. They are now 14 Weeks Old and Are doing Great - Their Adjusted Age would be 9 weeks.

Michelle, NSW Mother of Twin Boys Peter and James

Hello everyone,
Phoebe was born 5 wks early. It was such as surprise; I went in for a checkup at 35 wks and they ended up holding me in there saying I had pre eclampsia. Anyway I ended up having her the next day. She was really small for gestational age as a result of the pre eclampsia.

Here are all the details
Born at Womens & Childrens Hospital, Adel S.A
15th July 2006
Weighing 1310g or 2lb 14oz
length 39.5cm

I'm not sure how many prem mums are from S.A But i was thinking maybe we could organise a day out. Would be nice to see all the bubs that are lucky to be here in this world!
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