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Born 23rd OCT 2005 - Libra or Scorpio??? Lock Rss

Hi All ,

My baby boy was born on the 23rd of October 2005.

My friends tell me he is a Libra but some Astrology internet sites say he is a Scorpio. He was born at 3:33pm Sunday afternoon. Anyone else deliver on this date and into astrology??

Libra or Scorpio???

If you can find a site that has last year exact dates and times it should tell you. It all depends on which planet at that certain time was ruling. You'll will probably find that bub is a little bit of both star signs. I was born in the middle of my star sign so am a full blown stubborn Taurean but my SIL was born at the beginning of Aries so has some Pisces characteristics. Hope this helps? smile
Just went and had a look on the web for you and your bub is a Scorpio. 2005 Scorpio's started on 23 October at 7:42am. The site I find is called Hope this helps more smile
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