My DD just turned one on the 31st march.
Curious to see what your little ones are up too and what you did to celebrate their first birthdays.

My DD is walking now, she started walking by herself ( with arms up for balance LOL) around 3 weeks ago.
She absolutely loves the wiggles. Her favourite is Murray.
When i put the dvd on she does all the actions to the songs especially Rock a bye your bear.

She is saying lots of words. She knows all the sounds all the farm animals make and she can now count to four. She is a very happy beautiful girl.

She is a real character and not a day goes past that she doesn't make me laugh so hard it hurts.

How scary is it how fast a year goes.

What did you do for your gorgeous babies first birthdays?

For my DD birthday we just had family and friends round for sausage sizzle. My DD was lucky enough to get a swing set for her birthday from her nanny and poppy so all the kids played on that.

We played pass the parcel and basically everyone just had a ball.

There was kids of all ages and everyone seemed to have fun.

What are your one year olds up to and how did you spend there first birthday?

It is so scary how fast a year goes isn't it sad