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Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Baby Wipes

A safe and gentle baby wipe is essential for your baby’s skin health. Mums look for a wipe that is gentle on their baby’s skin but also effective in dealing with any mess, as quickly and easily as possible.

Why Huggies Baby Wipes are different

Huggies Baby Wipes are the leading baby wipe, and with their unique thick & soft texture, gently clean to help protect babies’ skin.
Huggies Baby Wipes also:

  • Contain no alcohol or soap
  • Are enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help soothe and moisturise
  • The specially designed handy Pop-Up tub means that you can grab a wipe with one hand so you always have a free hand to hold or distract your little one during a nappy change
  • Are dermatologically tested and pH balanced
  • Help protect against nappy rash

Triple_CleanHuggies Baby Wipes have a unique Triple Clean design to help leave your baby’s skin cleaner & healthier with less wipes.

plunkHuggies Nappies and Baby Wipes are endorsed by Plunket


Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are Clinically Proven safe for newborn and sensitive skin

Baby Wipes product range

Huggies understands that all babies are different and because of this, we have developed two varieties of baby wipes, all alcohol & soap free:

  • Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are clinically proven safe for newborn and sensitive skin
  • Lightly Fragranced with Cucumber & Aloe to refresh and soothe

Frequently asked questions

Baby wipes: frequently asked questions are a compilation of the most often asked baby wipe-related questions and their answers direct from Huggies. Questions like; “What are Huggies Baby Wipes made from”, “How long is the shelf life of Huggies Baby Wipes” and “Can the product be used from head to toe” are all answered within the FAQ section.

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