Newborn nappies

The only nappy clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash. Super soft 3D UltraAbsorb® layer designed to help protect their precious skin.

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Revolutionary Innovation For Your New Baby

Your newborn’s skin is really precious, and so as a mother of a newborn or a young baby, we know that you care about the quality and comfort of the nappy on their delicate skin. So we are really excited to let you know about an exciting new innovation in Huggies® Newborn and Infant Nappies designed to help protect their precious skin and keep it perfect.

Introducing our Unique 3D UltraAbsorb® layer

Huggies Newborn and Infant nappies will now feature a revolutionary new 3D UltraAbsorb® layer that actually absorbs and contains baby’s runny bowel movements, minimising their spread in the nappy, leaving your baby’s skin noticeably cleaner and more protected than ever before.

Our newest arrival is the first nappy in the world to have this amazing new ultra-soft layer designed to provide our best ever bowel movement absorption for your bub. It’s so good in fact that in research, our new Huggies Nappy was overwhelmingly preferred by over 7 out of 10^ mums versus their current Huggies Nappy. We think you will love it too.

This new feature will be available in newborn and infant sizes Jumbo boxes from June, with other pack sizes following shortly after.