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How common is birthing at 37 weeks?

Hey everyone, I'm 37weeks and 6 days, so nearly 38 weeks, just wondering does anyone know ho...

6 replies

Wow thanks ladies! So it seems more common than I think! That's good news! I've got 4 days left till my induction so finge...


Quitting my job or not? Dilemma!

Hi ladies! I am in need of some advice and I am a little stuck in a situation. Since my second da...

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You need to be happy at work, otherwise it will start affecting your health, home life etc. I was in a high stress work environment ...


tail bone pains / back pain relief

It's been 4 weeks since i had my emergency c-section , and I am feeling pain on my back espe...

2 replies

Hi Star-Mumm, it was an 18 hours labor for me after trying to push and still bub is not coming out then they called for CS, just can...


Nappy Rash: red small spots

my bub is just a month old , and i notice red spots on her bum. im currently using sudocream but ...

7 replies

Hi the other thing to think of is that which ever nappy rash cream you use, when bub has nappy rash it helps to put it on thick enou...


financial help

A friend of mine recently told me that there is a one off payment that new parents can get to hel...

1 reply

it is a parental tax credit which I think is $2200.00 (it has just gone up by $700.00 in april, good timing). But you can either hav...

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