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Induced births. Are they harder than spontaneous natural births?

Hi everyone, I haven't been on lately because I forgot my password, lol, I'm 33 weeks t...

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I had heard that induction could take days in some cases so was prepared for a long process, however our experience was very fast &a...



Hi is anyone else out there a SAHM? sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who doesn'...

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Seriously going out of my mind here ladies. Im running out of things to do and getting sick of housework. I desperately wait for hub...

little beans

Any tips to get b/f baby to take a bottle.

My DD is nearly 8 months old and refusing to take a bottle. I've been trying for the past 3 ...

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Try different brand bottles as my youngest liked only 1 particular type (MUM) and nothing else; he drinks expressed mild but not for...



im a new mummy and i have no family where i live !! im so stressed as i cannot settle my 2 week o...

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congrats on the new bub, i know it can be very scary having a little one and not really having an idea what is wrong etc- you need t...


HELP- baby boy names! Having baby this week

Hi all, We are due to have our baby boy this week and are struggling with a name. We like names t...

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I like Arley among all the names, I also would like to suggest few: Ardsly Arty Arvy Archy Ardley Arny Ardsley You can refer below l...

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