The Essentials

Key products generally needed for toilet training include deciding between a potty or toilet training seat, training pants and clothes.

While products help with training and the act of going to the toilet, toilet training tools are more about encouragement and motivation for your child. Using a combination of products and tools, combined with our toilet training approach will make the transition to using a toilet easier for your child.

Big Kid Prep List:

There’s nothing like good preparation to make any learning experience a lot more effective and a little less exhausting.

Make use of our quick list to make sure you’ve got the essentials covered. That way, when your Big Kid is ready, you will be too!

Your Shopping List:

  • Fiddling with zippers and buttons during toilet training can lead to unnecessary accidents and cause setbacks. Go for clothing that is easy to slip off and pop back on, like pants with elastic waistbands.

  • It’s a good idea to bridge the gap between nappies and the toilet with a potty chair or a toddler toilet seat, depending on how old your child is. Get your child involved and excited by letting them help you pick out a potty.

  • Training pants like Pull-Ups® are easy to push down and pull up, as unlike nappies and other pants, Pull-Ups have customised learning liners® to teach kids about wetness. They are a great way to help your Big Kid learn how and when to put them on and take them off - just like real underwear!

  • Perhaps the most efficient toilet training tools of all – rewards and prizes. If your child makes it to toilet in time, uses the toilet for a poo, or keeps remembering to flush for a whole week, give them a little reward. Try to tailor the size of the treats appropriately for each task they achieve.

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Potty Versus Toilet Seat

Many parents believe potties are an essential throughout toilet training however some prefer that their young one moves straight to the toilet. Each has their pros and cons.

It's really up to you to decide what is best for your child based on their behaviour. If your toddler isn't reacting well to a potty, try a toilet seat and vice versa. If you do decide that a potty is the way to go, forget about the guesswork when choosing and leave it up to your toddler to find the potty that they want.

Sometimes our decision on potty versus seat is based on our own experiences growing up, it can be as simple as that.

More on Potties

Potties come in all shapes and sizes and can be decorated however your child pleases. They should be comfortable, i.e. your child should fit and be easy to empty. If you are going to be out and about there are even travel potties available. Read more about selecting and the advantages of using a toilet training potty here.

More on Toilet Seats

Toilet seats work just as well and have the added advantage or not having to be emptied once used. A simple flush will generally do.

There are generally 2 designs of toilet training seat, a removable and portable seat which sits on top of the normal seat and which can be removed when required and a hinged fixed seat, similar to your normal seat which can be lifted when not required.

Most toilet seats also require a step, so the child can reach properly. Make sure this is always close at hand so your child can easily get onto the seat when required.

More on Training Pants

Huggies Pull-Ups Toilet Training pants are a great way to encourage your child's independence and say loud and clear, "I'm A Big Kid Now"!

Pull-Ups Training pants have underwear-like designs to look like real underwear, and also the unique feel wet to learn wetness liner to help teach your toddler the difference between being wet and dry.

What Else?

Toilet training tools including rewards charts, books, games and videos to mention a few are a great way to introduce your child to toilet training and help him or her stay interested.

You can find out more about toilet training tools here, what is available and which you may need. You can also read more on using the right toilet training clothes.

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