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Toilet Training Paper Chain

  • Duration


  • Age

    , toddler, child

  • Skill for Bub

    Hand/eye coordination, Parties and Celebrations


Paper chains can be a creative motivator for your toilet training toddler. Get creative today!

Paper chains are a great way to decorate and a fun project to make with your family – but they can also be a creative motivator for your toilet training child.

What you’ll need

  • Construction paper in various colours
  • Scissors
  • White glue

What to do

Cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide by 4 inches long. Pick colours that are your child’s favorite, or, better yet, let your child select the colours for the paper chain. Put all the strips into a plastic zipper bag for safe-keeping.

Explain to your child that every time he goes to the bathroom in the potty, he gets to add a strip of paper to the paper chain. Alternatively, every day your child goes all day without an accident, he or she can add a strip to the chain. Or do both and have a certain colour for each one. He adds a yellow to the chain when he uses the potty or toilet and a red one when he’s gone all day without any accidents.

Ask him how long he wants his chain to get. Decide on a number or a length – when it’s as long as he is tall, for example – and then tell him he’ll get a special treat when that goal is met. Each day, help him count every link and ask him how many he wants to add to it that day. What a great motivator! Before you know it, he will be enjoying his treat and start on another paper chain. Let him decorate his room with them a reminder of his successes!