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Avatar hayle...
toddler complains of a sore willy

my 2 and a half yr old son keeps complaining that his willy is hurting. We have had a urine sample done and it came back clear with no urine infection. Any idea on what it could be, it isnt red or anything!

Jane ...
Answer: Sometimes boys complain of having a sore penis but there are no outward signs of problems. It can be due to something as simple as a bit of irritation caused by friction of too tight underpants, to their foreskin being too tight. This can be obvious when they are doing a wee and the foreskin actually balloons and swells before the urine flows. If you notice this happening you’d need to have him checked again by the doctor.
If you haven’t noticed any other symptoms, his urine is fine, doesn’t have an unusual odour and it’s negative on testing then it’s unlikely to be due to a urinary tract infection. Encourage him to have baths, not showers for a while. At this age you don’t need to retract his foreskin to clean his penis, this will happen in it’s own good time.
Perhaps a little emollient cream would help? I’d say another check with the doctor in the next week or so is warranted if it continues to irritate him.
Answered: 10 Jul 2010