We care about your feedback

We receive lots of comments and ideas from mums which really help us make important decisions and constantly improve our products and the services we offer you. Mums often drop us a line and let us know their thoughts, potential new ideas or suggestions for improvements. It has been an enormous help to us, so much so that we regularly send out surveys to a select group of Huggies Baby Club members to help us with this sort of thing on an ongoing basis. We usually send out our surveys to two groups for specific situations.

Huggies Online Panel

The Huggies Online Panel is made up of a selection of Huggies club mums with bubs of all different ages. As a panel member, they help us:

  • With product improvements
  • Decide on prizes for promotions
  • Being the first to test products
  • With designing new packaging

Huggies event surveys

Every now and again, we contact a sample group of Huggies Baby Club members that have participated in a particular promotion or event to share their thoughts and help us improve the services we offer. One such example is the Huggies Lounge event, where upon registering your attendance, we email you a link to our survey so we can hear what you have to say about this fun and educational event, and how we can improve this experience.

We respect your privacy

All information provided by the online panel members and event survey sample groups will be kept strictly confidential and used only for legitimate research purposes. You will never be solicited and your personal information will not be released to any other companies or organisations.

Should you decide you would no longer like to receive these emails, there will always be a link in the email for you to unsubscribe at any time. Do read our privacy policy for further information.

If you are not on our online panel or have never received any event surveys, but would like to share your feedback and ideas with us, do get in touch via our anonymous feedback form.