Baby shower

Baby shower party

The first baby shower is thought to have occurred late in the 1800’s and got its name from the ‘showering’ of love, well wishes and most importantly, gifts for the new mum-to-be. It was originally a small tea party for her closest friends & family, the gifts were traditionally practical and in times gone by, hand-made.

When these mum-centric parties originally started, they were only held for the first baby of a new mum, but that has changed now (do we really need an excuse for presents!) into an event held for every new addition to the family. Normally a baby shower is organised and thrown by a female family member, although this practice has also changed over the years, where female friends regularly throw baby showers.

Baby showers can range from elegant formal affairs, with each detail meticulously planned, to much less ceremonial events with just a few friends and family gathered together over a meal to celebrate the coming birth. Some baby showers have a theme based on gender, some funny story regarding the baby’s conception or something close to the new mum’s heart. Others without a theme are just as fun.

Very few things compare to the excitement of a new child, and the baby shower, in many ways, mirrors the trials and tribulations that every expecting mother is experiencing.