Baby nursery decor

Baby nursery decor

Although the nursery is essentially bub’s room, decorating it the way you like can be heaps of fun and you’ll be surprised how good this will make you feel. Create a space that not only ensures baby safety and suitable for your child but also comfy and pleasant for the grown ups like you and your partner.

Where to begin

Before you rush out and start wading through the range of options available (and there are heaps), begin by spending some time in the room you plan to transform into the baby’s nursery.

Think of how you would like the general layout of the nursery and baby room design to be, in particular where the larger pieces of furniture will go – and work your way around the nursery. Use our baby room decorator to setup the exact size of the room you have at home including bits and pieces like the doors, windows and more – then simply click and drag the furniture around to see how it would all fit and look.

You should pop into the nursery and make observations during different times of the day, so you can work out which areas are most ideal for placing the cot. In general, to keep your baby sleeping well, avoid draughty areas and spots saturated in sunlight especially early in the morning, or a corner of the room flooded by street lights shining through the window during the night.

The cot, change table and armchair form the centrepieces of the nursery, so naturally your colour scheme can be drawn from these key items and carried throughout the nursery.

If you prefer neutral coloured furnishings, you can introduce accent pieces into the room through eye-catching accessories, a brightly coloured set of baby bedding or even a unique feature wall. Other items that can be used to create points of interest around the room include wall hangings or stickers, mobiles, toys or floor rugs. These can be themed to complement the rest of the nursery decor.