Returning to Work - Flexibility test

Returning to work – Work flexibility quiz

There has been a great deal of publicity and information around working flexible hours and being able to integrate ones work and life style. Is this something that interests you? If so then take our fun quiz to determine whether you are actually a suitable candidate for moving forward with working flexible/part time working.

work flexibility Quiz

Below is a list of questions to start you thinking about flexible work practices and how they might fit into your life.

The higher the score the more suitable you are for the relevant flexible work option.

Simply jot down on a piece of paper your answers to the following questions or print out a copy of this quiz and complete it later.

  • Always = 3 points
  • Sometimes = 2 points
  • Never = 1 point

Criteria for Flexible/Part Time hours in the office

  1. Do you understand what needs to be delivered and are you focused on the output of the role?
  2. Are you capable of achieving the required output in less than 50 hours per week?
  3. Are you independent and resourceful and can you achieve what the role demands with minimal input from others?
  4. Do you have good written and oral communication skills and are you able to keep management and colleagues regularly informed?
  5. Do you have a high work ethic which ensures that deliverables are achieved as required?
  6. Have you demonstrated the ability to deliver job outcomes in a consistent fashion?
    Self Assessment for flexible/part time hours: (your number) out of 18 possible points

Criteria for working from home

  1. Can you manage your own workflow and output?
  2. Are you independent and resourceful and can you make good business and personal decisions?
  3. Are you socially self sufficient and not reliant on group interaction and team work?
  4. Do you have excellent written and oral communication skills and regularly communicate with management and customers?
  5. Do you have the knowledge and training to perform the job independently?
  6. Do you have the flexibility and desire to work independently and with minimal social contact?
  7. Do you have the technology necessary at home to enable you to perform the role successfully?
  8. Do you have the ability to make decisions that may affect the outcome of the business?

Self Assessment for working from home: * (your number) out of 24 possible points

  • Overall Self Assessment = (your number) out of 42 possible points *

Article supplied by Liana Gorman, working mother and Director of flexible employment job site .

For more information see Working mums or Parenting .