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Cheats Chicken Fast Fish

Category: parenting

Duration: long


Keywords: parenting, healthy lifestyle tips, weight loss, quick healthy food


Great easy meal prepare earlier on and freeze or leave in pot for dinner later on! Add any variation of veggies in season for a great mix.



  • 1 pack of pre-chopped soup vegies from supermarket (or chop up a variety of your own to suit bub’s taste)
  • 1 whole small fresh chicken (or fillet) or a large fillet of white fleshed fish (be really careful to remove all the bones)
  • 1-2 cups of stock (I make my own, but any low salt variety or water would be fine)


  1. For chicken, add all ingredients to a casserole dish with lid and cook on low heat for a couple of hours while you put your feet up (yeah right!)
  2. For fish start vegies off first and add fish for the last 20-30 mins.
  3. For my bub, I remove the flesh from the chicken and add it back to the vegies before blending, but for an older child, you probably just need to chop roughly and for adults, just add a bit of seasoning.

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Veggies chopped
Baby eating
Chicken in pot
Chicken and veg

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