Practical Tips

Travelling With Kids Tips

Here are some very practical tips that may just help make your holiday with your babies and toddlers run a little smoother.

  • Have a check up with your doctor a few days before you go away. They may suggest a few items that you could take with you to help in the event of a family illness.
  • Check your destination to see what basic supplies will be available to you. Especially items such as nappies and wipes.
  • Every body needs a passport if you are travelling overseas. Even a newborn will need their own. This can take quite a few weeks to get organised, so start early.
  • Travel insurance is a good idea no matter where you are travelling.
  • Make an ID bracelet for each of your children. Include your name and contact number, laminate it and pop it on your child’s wrist or tie it onto their clothing.
  • Think about investing in a portable DVD player. They are not only fantastic in the car but useful at your destination if no DVD player is available. Some parents take them to restaurants as well so the kids have something to do while mum and dad finish eating.
  • Take along a scrap book. This can be as simple as an exercise book or a lovely holiday memory book. You can write down the days events and ask the kids to give you their thoughts. They can also do drawings in there of what they saw and stick in entry tickets, maps, and so much more. You can add photos to it when you get back. The kids will love going through their travel scrap book long after they arrive home.
  • Remember to pack extra batteries or the battery charger for your cameras.
  • Check local water supplies for their safety for your baby or toddler. If you’re in doubt use bottled water.

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