Christmas nativity scene

Christmas family outings

At Christmas time there is an abundance of wonderful activities for families to do around town. As well as traditional activities such as attending your local Carols by Candlelight or Church Services, you can start new family traditions or build on old ones.

One cheap and easy Christmas suggestion is to drive round your neighbourhood checking out the wonderful Christmas decorations your neighbours have put up. Many of these are fundraising for charity and are well worth the gold coin donations!

This is a time where you can combine previous traditions with new ones as a family. Most cities and towns host Christmas pageants and parades and these are family friendly events that are geared towards children. You can organize pre-Christmas get togethers with family and friends. These could take place at the beach or you could meet at a near by park for lunch. Allocate dishes for everyone to bring and make sure you all share the load on the day.

For families who are rurally based or feeling isolated you can create your own Christmas events. You can organise for your child to receive a personal video message from Santa Claus as he busily makes the final preparations for fly out on Christmas Eve. The team at Huggies have also created lots of activities and crafts you can do with your child in the lead up to Christmas as well. We’ve devised an entire e-book devoted to making Christmas fun for you and the family here.

A great way to discover what is on in your local area is by checking out your local council on the web. They will usually have an up to date list of events and suggestions. By doing some research and choosing ideas and events that suit the needs of your family you can have some Christmas fun that you and your kids will thoroughly enjoy together.